My new slave in training

Dressed in patent PVC trousers and patent PVC stilettos, I opened the door to my new bogey eating sole licking slave.
He brought the list of items, he was told to bring, custard doughnuts, raisins, chewing gum, chocolate and stale bread.
I led him into the play room and stood him in front of the mirror.
I slowly took off his clothing, whilst staring into his eyes, I asked him if he wanted to please his mistress, he said he did.
I sat on my chair and show Mistress how much you want to please her, as I picked the bogeys out of my nose.
He got very excited at the sight of the bogey on my finger nail when I showed him first, before scraping the bogey on his tongue. I couldn’t stop laughing.
I did this a few more times until they were gone. Chew it I told him.
I had chewing gum stuck to the sole of my shoe. I said “you do want to please me don’t you”? Eagerly he said yes.
I told him to clean the sole of my shoes ,
I mean everything. He licked up and down the sole eating the chewing gum. I loved the fact I could make him do anything I wanted.
I stood up and bent over, I covered his mouth with my bum and farted into his Mouth, I told him not to move I wanted him to swallow it.
This amused me no end.
He said he would lick anything off my shoes, even if I had walked out side.
It could be arranged I told him.
I made him follow me out of the back door naked.
I walked up and down my balcony lifting up the sole of my foot before coming back in the door. Lick it I told him. He loved licking my soles clean.
I led him back into the play room. Laid on the floor I stood on his cock, while laughing sat him. I want your legs up against the wall in position to be able to catch your own spunk when you cum.
Before that I want you to open your mouth and drink my piss.
I crouched down and peed Into his mouth before making him catch his own spunk as it shot out.


Slave Initiation – Part 1

As I placed a collar around his neck, I reminded my slave, this was the beginning of his initiation period.
I informed him that to learn how to Serve his Mistress, to the best of his ability, this Initiation would carry on over the next few weeks. I ordered him to his knees and instructed him to lick my boots.
As he put my stiletto in his mouth, I told him to stop and beg me to allow him to be my slave, while looking into my eyes.
He begged “Please Mistress, please allow me to serve you, please”
I told him to carry on licking my boots, I told him to clean the soles of my boots.
When he had licked the soles clean I made him stop and beg again.
I told him that he needed to learn how to suck cock, if he was going to be of any use to me.
I pointed towards my strap on and told him to put the tip in his mouth.
He was keen to please me, so I took my strap on our of his mouth and told him to beg me again.
I pushed my cock back into his mouth,
I loved the sound of him gagging as I pulled his head to wards me.
Suck it, like you want it, I said..
I could see just how much he enjoyed, sucking cock.
He couldn’t get enough of it…
I instructed him to follow me into the play room , where I stood in front of the full length mirror , with him on his knees.
I’m going to film you sucking cock I told him as I put a mask over his head.
He was more than happy to please Mistress.
As soon as the camera was recording, I ordered him to impress me… I told him, I would turn him into a cock sucking slave and use him in my sessions.
There was a lot of work to be done first,, I couldn’t present him to anyone, looking like he did.
I weighed him and gave him a target of 4lbs to lose in the first week.
We will see how dedicated you are, I said.
I wanted to see how far he was willing to go for his Mistress.
I told him I am going to dress you up as a slut and video you sucking my cock.
He was so desperate to be come my slave, I could of done anything to him.
I fastened the bra around him, pulled up the black nylon stockings. With lace knickers.
A black low cut, wet look dress. I filled the bra with padding.
I told him to try some shoes on, pulling on a blonde wig, before I allowed him to admire my handy work in the mirror.
I finished him off with bright red lipstick.
Stood in front of the full length mirror, he was speechless.
It was as though, he had finally found his calling and a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
I allowed him to look at the cock sucker in front of him for a while, before asking him how he felt.
His reply just confirmed what I all ready new. “” this is me, he said, I feel like I’m in my right place, this is where I should be”
“I feel 20 years younger he said”
The next half an hour was spent filming him sucking cock and training him to walk in ladies shoes.
With permission he swapped the blonde wig to a brunette
He was definately a brunette.
Before he was allowed to go home, he had to tidy up the sissy room and hang up the clothes. Just when he thought he was finished I made a mess of the clothes as I needed to find stockings.
Start again I said.
He didn’t want to take the slut clothing off…
As the session came to an end, I gave him his tasks of purchasing some ladies clothing and shoes for his next session.


Testimonial – first time visiting a Mistress

My first time every visiting a Mistress. So happy i found Mistress Ella. What an experience.
I have always fantasised about seeing a Mistress but never had the courage. I have an interest in toilet training so finding the right Mistress was hard. Finally, my searches kept on bringing me to Mistress Ella’s site. Eventually i plucked up the courage to go and see her.
The drive over was the most nervous drive ever. So many thoughts going through my head. Not knowing at all what to expect. Finally i pulled up. Easy parking so no need to worry. Sitting in the car i started to shake. I have NEVER been this scared.
Finally, after a few minutes wait with my own thoughts, I was told to enter. Greeting me at the door was a stunning goddess of a woman. Told me to go upstairs. Standing at the top of the stairs was myself shaking. She quickly made me feel comfortable as she could see i was petrified. Explaining the session and going through the do’s and do nots. Finally she told me to go and undress. At this point i was absolutely petrified. So scared of what was to come.
Boot worship, nipple play, spanking then onto the thing ive been fantasising about…. toilet play.
I had never done anything like this before so was unsure how i was going to cope. Mistress read my feelings without asking, making me feel comfortable. But at the same time, pushing my boundaries and making me go further than i would have thought possible. I am SO excited for next time. Hopefully i will be better at the task in hand.
Thank you again Mistress Ella. Look forward to seeing you soon. Xx


A Testimonial – preparation is everything

I can’t afford to session very often, so I choose the Mistresses I session with very carefully. There isn’t much worse than paying out hard earned money for a session and not enjoying it, so I tend to do some research before booking a session.

I was intrigued by Mistress Ella’s website and her tweets. She obviously has a very high level of intelligence and a clear understanding of the D/s synergy and fetishes. I booked a session and Mistress Ella told me to send her a concise email outlining my session preferences and hard limits. I told Mistress that I like as much humiliation and degradation as possible as long as it is safe, and that I preferred Mistress to decide how to achieve that.

Wow! Although the session was an hour long, it rapidly became clear that Mistress had spent a lot longer than that preparing for the session. She is an absolute perfectionist. Others have said that Mistress Ella leaves no stones unturned in pursuit of the perfect session. There are no unturned stones in Mistress Ella’s domain.

At the start of the session, I kneeled naked in front of this beautiful statuesque Goddess and she ordered me to open my mouth. She spat straight into my mouth and simultaneously yanked at a cord tied around my balls, ordering me to swallow. That happened several times during the session.

Mistress sat on her throne and ordered me to fetch a sandwich from the fridge. As I knelt at her feet, she chewed the sandwich then spat the chewed food into my mouth and ordered me to eat it while looking into her eyes. Mistress spat the entire chewed sandwich into my mouth in what was the most intensely erotic experience I’ve ever had.

I was then ordered to remove Mistress’s shoes and worship her feet. Mistress told me she had just been for a 5 mile run, and although her feet were clean, they were very sweaty and had a strong natural aroma, which I loved. Mistress made me look into her eyes while I licked and sucked her feet clean. Her smile and the glint in her eyes told me that she was loving the control she had over me.

I was then ordered to lay on the floor and open my mouth wide. To my surprise (but delight) Mistress farted into my mouth and squeezed my balls. She stayed there long enough to ensure I had to breathe out through my nose, thereby getting the full scent and taste. This is exactly the kind of humiliation that I crave.

Mistress then sat on her toilet seat and told me to lay underneath it with my mouth open. She told me she was going to pee into my mouth and that I would be punished if there was any spillage. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t keep up with the deluge, and true to her word, Mistress punished me by strapping me to her bench and caning me. It hurt but I deserved it. And needed it.

After thanking Mistress for my punishment and guidance I was strapped the the cross. Mistress applied nipple clamps to my nipples and slowly increased the tension while giving me intense verbal humiliation, while ordering me to look directly into her beautiful eyes. She then attached the e-stim to my cock, slowly increasing the intensity while verbally humiliating me and I came to the most shuddering, explosive climax I’ve ever experienced.

Although the I’d paid for an hour, the session overran slightly, which impressed me. A Mistress who doesn’t keep a close eye on the clock is a rarity. Mistress Ella’s entire focus is on providing and enjoying the best possible experience. She achieves that in abundance.

Looking forward to my next visit very much!


A Testimonial – an amazing experience and a high

Had a great session with Mistress Ella.

Communications were really easy, quick phone call and a 60 minute booking was arranged for 45 minutes later.
Premises were easy to find close to the centre of Huddersfield and parking was easy in a safe area.

Mistress took me upstairs, and although conversational, was already getting me in the zone with her voice and dominant demeanour. I could see a kitchen and 3 rooms although there may be more – a bedroom (sissy room?), medical type room with a sort of dentist chair, and the dungeon. The dungeon was a reasonable size and quite well equipped – cage, spanking bench, St Andrews Cross, loads of whips, canes, paddles, torture implements etc. It was nicely decorated in red and black and dimly lit.

Mistress got me to undress in the bedroom, present myself in the hall, clarified my BDSM interests, then led me into the dungeon. What followed was a whirlwind of the activities discussed, where she carefully pushed me into subspace, to the point where I could take so much more than usual.

I was tied to the cross and Mistress went to work on my nipples with a variety of implements, followed by a little CBT, choking, and generally roughing me up.

I was then moved across to her throne and made to worship her cock and boots all the way up. I think what got me into subspace was the way Mistress seemed to be enjoying everything that was going on, and almost getting off on it. Her dirty talk was superb and she kept in role so nicely that I had now drifted into that one.

I was moved to the spanking bench where Mistress expertly slipped her cock in and shagged me senseless to the point where I had 3 prostate orgasms. All the while with lots of attention to my nipples.

Then out came the floggers and a wonderful caning, where i was able to be hit hard enough to mark and whelt my bottom, something I’ve always wanted to achieve. What also helped was that the hits were very accurate and swapped from cheek to cheek.

Then into the medical room where I got to worship Mistress’s body and amazing boobs, and finally into bedroom to finish me off.
All in all an amazing experience and high.


Fantastic session!

I let my slave in and ordered him to keep his eyes on the floor.
“Only look up when I allow you to”
I sat on my throne and ordered him to his knees, to worship my boots.
He loved allowing the stiletto to go to the back of his throat.
After a while, I led him into the play room.
He new what was coming once I’d attached him to my St Andrews Cross.
I squeezed his nipples as I whispered to him: “Take it!”
I attached pegs to his balls and nipple clamps to his balls.

After I had had my fun I strapped him to the bench before lubing him up.
I stood in front of a him and ordered him to suck my cock. He loved it, feeling my strap on go down his throat, he couldn’t get enough…
He was so excited at the thought of having my strap on inside him..
He loved every minute of being fucked.
I took him into the medical room, it was time to feel the electrics around his cock.
I could see he was worried, just by the look on his face, as I attached my e-stim to his cock.
I slowly turned it up just enough, each time. I wanted him to feel every bit of this….
After a short while, I could see he had relaxed and was enjoying it, just as I was about to go up the last notch, he started to beg “Please Mistress may I come?” He had the best climax he’d ever had.


Spanking Session

My half an hour spanking session client arrived at the door.
I opened the door and ordered him to get on his hands and knees.
I directed him up the stairs, he went up squirming and begging “please Mistress I’m not going over your knee”
I reminded him I will do what ever I like.
Still begging I ordered him over my knee.
As I began to pull his pants down, he was again,
“please no, I might smell” I told him how embarrassing for him it would be if he did, dirty, smelly pig.
I spanked his bum wearing my leather gloves, he was wriggling about trying to get free., No chance of that when I have a hold of you!


Strap-on Training

My new slave arrived, he was ordered up the stairs on his hands and knees ..
After a short discussion, I summoned him to present himself to me naked..
So you want to be trained to be my strap on slut do you?
The excitement in his voice said it all; yes Mistress.
I led him into the play room, where I have various strap-ons, as well as butt plugs waiting..
On his knees I lead him to the mirror…
Staring into his eyes…. I told him, before you feel, you must taste, pointing to my strapon, that I’m wearing.
He didn’t need telling twice… He couldn’t wait to get feel it in his mouth. I sat back and watched just how much he loved taking it to the back of his throat.
I ordered him to assume position on the bench, hand cuffing him to it.
I told my slave I would start off small with a butt plug and work my way up.
He love each and every size I gave him . Your not quite ready for the big one yet, I told him.
Just before the session ended I used my stretcher on him. I pushed the dildo in and gave 4 squeezes that he had to hold for 5 seconds…
Next time it will be for longer….

See My dedicated strap-on website


Testimonial from a grateful submissive

I do a lot of research before I session with a Mistress I haven’t met before. After all, I don’t get much spare time, so I like to use my spare time well. I was intrigued by Mistress Ella’s tweets and blogs, as well as the varied testimonials on her website. She is clearly a highly intelligent and perceptive Mistress, and that turns me on.

When Mistress Ella opened the door, I was taken aback by her beautiful face and hourglass figure. She has the most amazing legs too. But looks aren’t everything. Expertise and intelligence are more important to me, and wow she has those in abundance. She just oozes quality.

I liked Mistress Ella’s warmth and candour during our extensive pre-session chat. Building rapport and trust even before the session started. That relaxed me enough to be able to submit to her totally and bend to her will.

Although I was given a safeword system to use, I never needed to use it because Mistress gauged my levels perfectly, pushing me to the limit but always in a way that was enjoyable. Mistress used a flogger, strap, various canes, a single tail whip and needles. And when she told me to get down and kiss her feet, then look into her eyes while I drank a large glass of her pee, believe me, she meant business!

Mistress Ella’s place has free parking. It’s also massive inside. A dark dungeon with whipping bench, St Andrews Cross and loads of impact play tools, a white medical room for needle play etc., and a boudoir room. Spotlessly clean with no clutter. I felt at home in there!

After the session we had a chat to discuss how the session went for both of us. No stone was left unturned. Nothing left to chance. I could tell that Mistress Ella was absorbing everything I said.

Every now and again you come across a Mistress who is right on top of her game. In my opinion, Mistress Ella is in the top 1% of Mistresses. Fantastic premises, well equipped, very attractive and a highly intelligent Domme. A real luxury experience that I intend to repeat very quickly. I’ve booked for a 2 hour session already. Can’t wait!


My toilet slave

My toilet slave presented himself in position ready to serve, feeling the poppers he had just inhaled.
With his Mouth open, I let my warm piss fill his mouth, before I ordered him to swallow.
He knew the consequences of wasting my golden nectar.
He really didn’t want to be cold caned today..
He was eager to taste my shit, but I wanted to make him beg for it.. Listening to him begging for my shit was highly amusing… The fact that he was willing to swallow it, if I gave it to him, pleased me.
He lay there waiting, mouth opened, it was a perfect landing, straight into his mouth. I looked down at my toilet slave, shit hanging out of his mouth.
Trying to not waste it, he started to chew. I looked into his eyes and watched until every last bit was gone..
I wasn’t finished.. There was more to come… Although I didn’t want my slave to swallow this one., he still had to catch it in his mouth.
This one, was going in a tub, for my slave to take home.
I ordered my slave to go clean himself up.
I was stood ready wearing my strap on, I ordered slave to his knees. I pointed to my cock and said suck!
He loved having my cock in his mouth, before being bent over and fucked. He loved my cock riding him…
I could tell he wanted more, but I wouldn’t let him… Instead I wanted him to feel my fist going in to his hole.
Starting the process of preparing his hole to be stretched to fit my fist in, was a dream come true for my slave..
This time.. To the knuckles.. Next time, will depend how I feel at the time.