2 hours of WOW! with Mistress Ella

Yorkshire Mistress

I’ve had a few sessions with Mistress Ella in her fantastic chambers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and I’m always amazed at how much pleasure she manages to create in an hour. Not a second is wasted. I therefore decided to go for a 2 hour session this time, hoping that Mistress would be able to provide 2 hours of intense pleasure. Wow!! She did, and then some!

I used the word “Wow!” out loud many times during the session due to the pleasurably overwhelming combined effects of Mistress Ella’s beauty and superior expertise.

I was attached to the inversion table and turned almost upside down. Mistress then gave me gradually increasing amounts of CBT while she stood astride my face and allowed me to worship her bottom. The more pain I took, the more worship I was allowed. I was in the most heavenly subspace the whole time. I was then fully inverted and allowed to worship Mistress Ella’s beautiful, perfectly pedicured feet. The whole inversion experience was totally euphoric and so safe too.

I was then attached to the cross and Mistress used a flogger on my nipples, cock and balls, encouraging me to take more and keeping me in subspace. I’ve never previously had a session with a Mistress who can keep me in subspace for the whole session. Mistress Ella can and does.

Mistress then needed to pee, and naturally I was to be her toilet. With watersports (and hardsports for those who like that) there are two choices: a fully enclosed toilet box or a chair with a toilet seat. With the latter, you can see everything that is happening. I went for the fully enclosed toilet box because I enjoy the sensory deprivation element. Mistress Ella’s pee is absolutely divine!

Next I was secured to the spanking bench and Mistress flogged me with a flogger, strap then the cane, always expertly ensuring I was sent deeper and deeper into subspace. In sessions with other Mistresses, I’ve asked for the cane not to be used because it was too painful, but with Mistress Ella I absolutely love the cane. I look forward to being caned by Mistress Ella. If you normally can’t take the cane or if you’re nervous about taking it, have a session with Mistress Ella and you won’t want to be caned by anyone else after that.

After the caning and while still attached to the spanking bench, Mistress took me with her strapon while flogging my back with a flogger. What an amazing experience that was, and it’s an even better experience when you can see Mistress’s beautiful face in the mirror while she’s doing it.

I was then ordered into the medical room and strapped to the medical bench to be subjected to Mistress Ella’s favourite: needle play! Mistress gave me a crown of thorns. Looking at her beautiful face while she expertly inserted the needles, all the while talking to me and encouraging me kept me firmly in subspace.

Finally, it was time to make me cum using electrics. Mistress has the top of the range e-stim, which has many programs and can even respond to sounds and she certainly knows how to use it, bringing me to the most powerful and long lasting orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

Mistress Ella is absolutely amazing!