My Latest Human Toilet

My toilet arrived at the time given, eager to please…
I ordered him to remove his clothing and to keep his eyes on the floor, making sure he understood, that he was not worthy of looking at such a beautiful Mistress.
After restraining him and forcing on the gas mask full of poppers, I whispered “I’m going to fuck you up before I shit on you”.
Secured to my bench, arse up, I proceeded to lube his hole, making it very clear, I can do as I please!
I could feel how scared he was, once he saw the surgical glove come out.
Soaking my hand in lube, while he watched, I told him ‘I’m going to enjoy pushing my fist up your arse”.
It wasn’t long before he had swallowed my whole hand.
I directed him to the bathroom, get in there and lie on the floor, you’re not going in the toilet box today.
Mouth open he was ready to eat my shit, there was plenty of it, so I smeared it all over him.
Forcing what was left down his throat. There is no waste being left here!


My Personal Piss Pot

My personal piss pot arrived, keen to please his Mistress….
“Strip naked and drop to your knees, I ordered “
I reminded my piss pot how worthless he was and how lucky he was to be allowed to drink my piss.
I fastened a lead around his neck and ordered him to kiss my feet.
Eager to please he didn’t hesitate.
As I lead him to the bathroom, by the lead, I ordered him to get down and lick my toilet clean.
“Make sure you get your tongue right around the rim, I want it to sparkle”!
Constantly reminding piss pot how worthless he was!!
Once satisfied the toilet was clean
, I ordered him into the toilet box and secured his hands with cuffs.
As I pushed the funnel in to his mouth, I warned him not to waste any of my piss!
I let him wait anxiously for a while before I sat on the seat ….making sure the funnel was in place, I pissed into my piss pot … just hearing him gurgling on my piss makes me smile .
I left him to enjoy the flavour before ordering him to get dressed and allowing him to leave.


Edging a Testimonial

A long, relentless and painful edging.

After arriving and a chat we went into a role my hair being grabbed and ordered to strip. I was promptly hung arms above head and a verbal humiliation given.
What ensued was an hour and a half of edging with a twist. Every time I got close to orgasm I had tell Mistress who promptly gave me a punishment for stopping her amusement and being weak. Repeated nipple torture and around 30 pegs were placed on my face as she relentlessly brought me close to orgasm repeatedly . Arms tied up my back and gagged.

I was also made to wear knickers that she had pissed on, using the damp from the knickers to keep my cock moist.

When finally ordered to orgasm I was placed in the toilet box , peed on as well as some scat then I was quite forcefully milked whilst laid in her toilet box not been able to see anything but the ceiling.
An excellent session that pushed my limits whilst in sub space which I’d like to develop further.


Clean My Armpits

My slave arrived just as I finished my run.
Perfect timing, I told him.
Still sweaty , I ordered Slave to strip naked.
On his knees, ready to serve and please his Mistress…
“Remove my trainers” I instructed.
My feet still hot and sweaty.
I deliberately didn’t wear socks today, I wanted my feet to be sweaty and smelly, a little treat for my slave.
“Now lick the sweat off my feet“ I ordered.
I reminded my Slave, he was worthless and should always be beneath my feet.
“Get your tongue in between those toes and suck on each toe one by one”.
When I was satisfied my Slave had licked my feet clean , I ordered him to lick my sweaty arm pits clean .
“Make sure you clean every bit of sweat from my smelly pits”.
After he bored me cleaning my sweat . I ordered him to get on all fours , I needed a foot stool, while I relaxed.


Becoming my b*tch!

My slave arrived, on time as ordered.

I allowed him to take one last look at himself in the mirror, as from this moment on he belonged to me.

I Instructed him to strip his clothes off and stand there for an inspection.

As I inspected him, I informed him that he was not worthy of being called A man n that he would become my bitch today.

I dressed him up in ladies underwear and pulled up stockings to his thighs, dressed him in a tutu and filled his chest up so he had boobs.

Covered his lips with red lipstick,. placed a blonde wig on him and made him wear gold shoes.

The reveal was amazing, as soon as I turned him to look in the mirror he became my filthy slut.

My dirty filthy slut. Who loved to prance about showing Mistress how she would take cock.

I ordered her to her knees, as I pointed to my strap on, I said suck it. Slut loved taking that cock to the back of her throat. Watching as slut deep throated it all the way in. Slut couldn’t get enough of it. After a while I bent my filthy slut over, I pushed my cock right up sluts hole and fucked her hard. Slut couldn’t get enough of it.


At the centre of My kinky web – a testimonial

Mistress Ella-lou fulfilled my every desire. As soon as she bid me entry into her domain, ordered me to strip and kneel before her standing above me clad in tight black latex and high heels, I was completely under her power.
Guiding me into her impressively prepared chambers she was 100% attentive, her seductive voice and larger than life presence was squarely focused on me the whole time, making me feel like I was at the centre of her kinky web and she the long legged widow.

I requested a guided masturbation session, which she was more than capable of providing and after teasing me relentlessly with her wily ways finally, graciously she allowed me to cum as I exploded before her, unable to hold it back any longer.

Rest assured there is no doubt in my mind that I will be making my back to her sooner rather later.


A session with sissy

My appointment arrived , I made him strip.
As he removed his clothes, I could see he was wearing ladies knickers.
So you wan to to wear ladies underwear, do you? I asked.
I could see how it excited him .
I told him, I would turn him into my sissy bitch.
From that moment on he will be a she!
I found the girliest pair of pink and white stockings, put those on , I told her.
She loved every minute of it.
I taught her how to do a suspender belt and hook it on to her stocking .
Then the basque , with a blonde wig, red lipstick and shoes.
I showed her the sissy in the mirror, straight away she loved it and fitted into the role of cock sucker.
I pushed my strap on down her throat so I could hear her gag, I love the sound of gagging.
After letting her beg me to push my cock up her , I bent her over my bench and fucked her as hard as possible.
She loved every minute of it.


Lick My Sweaty Feet

My slave arrived, ready to serve.
He knew Mistress would be sweaty, as I had just been on a run.
Wearing my trainers with no socks was a recipe for smelly feet.
I ordered him to strip his clothes off, so I could have a laugh at him.
Once naked I tied his hands together.
You now belong to me, I told him.
It was so hot outside, that the sweat was still visible all over me.
I raised my arms and ordered him to lick my arm pits.
Use your tongue and clean those sweaty pits.
Once I was satisfied, I made him drop to his knees “remove my trainers and clean those sweaty feet I ordered. Make sure you get between each toe and clean them with your tongue”.
As I was not impressed I ordered my slave over my bench.
I administered 5 hard canes as punishment.
I also slapped his balls and cock.
I sent him away with a task of improving his skills for next time.


My first visit to Mistress Ella – I’ll be back!

This was my first visit to see Mistress Ella, a two hour feminisation and humiliation session. I will certainly be returning. She was able to provide the best humiliation experience I have had.

As for the role play, if there was an Oscar category for best Dominatrix role play, Mistress Ella would win every year. I was made to feel totally at ease by a beautiful and extremely witty lady.

The premises were clean and very discrete. A wonderful experience!



Toilet Slavery – a testimonial

Mistress is divine, such a hot body, absolutely stunning! After a brief discussion of wants and limits Mistress took complete control. I’d agreed to be her full toilet slave for the session and wasn’t disappointed.

After my balls were tied tightly for the CBT later, I was taken immediately to the toilet box and locked inside. Mistress was kind enough to put a torch into the box so I could see exactly what was happening. Mistress sat above and first let a torrent of golden piss into my mouth which I eagerly drank.

Then for the main course, Mistress made sure my mouth was fully open. I saw the lovely shit come down from mistress’s beautiful hole, straight into my mouth- the first time I have taken shit into my mouth!

The feeling as my mouth filled with Mistress’ shit was the most intense high, indescribable!

I started to chew and savour it then Mistress decided to smear it all over my face. then I was told to keep it in my mouth while the CBT started in earnest.

Being sounded and electrostimmed all while holding a mouth full of shit was incredible

Finally mistress instructed me to take her shit and rub it into my cock and balls and wank with it. A few sharp strokes of the cane on my balls then I was allowed to cum.

All in all, perhaps the most intense afternoon ever!