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Rubber Rita

I ordered my client to strip off his clothes and present to me naked.
I chose the rubber out fit I wanted to dress him in.
A full all in one catsuit with rubber tits and big nipples.
Ten inch platform stilettos and to finish latex mask with pink pigtails.
You will now be known as Rubber Rita.
I lead Rubber Rita, to the play room, by the lead.
Handcuffed on her knees, high on poppers I pushed my strap on into her mouth and she loves it.
The sound of Rubber Rita gagging on my strap on, is music to my ears.
After a while I strapped Rubber Rita to the bench . I opened the zip of the catsuit and told Rita it was time to take my cock.
Rita loved being pounded.
A while later lead Rita to the medical room and restrained her to the bed with a refresher of poppers, I allow one hand free to play with her self while I squeeze the big rubber nipples, Rita orgasmed all over her latex.


Bi session 27th July

Huddersfield Mistress

Would you like to fuck My sissified male sub? I have a bi session available on July 27th at 2pm.

My normal rates are payable and a non refundable deposit is required. Contact Me for details.


My piss slut

I dressed my sissy up, ready to serve as my piss slut.
Red stockings, basque and brunette wig. Bright red lipstick.
I wrote piss slut across sissy’s forehead, as a reminder.
After entertaining me with a Sissy dance, it was time to put my. Sissy to work, I needed to pee.
First one was to drink. The second one I made sissy use as shampoo, without rinsing it out, that was something sissy would be going home with.
I had just been for a run so was still sweaty.
Sissy had to lick my armpits clean as well as my sweaty feet.
I made sissy get down on all fours then sit back onto the fuck machine, I kept speeding it up to watch sissy get a pounding.
I put the mask on my sissy and attached a bottle filled with my pee and forced sissy to drink up.
There was no allowing sissy to shower at the end, it would be my pee that would be smelt all the way home.