My Personal Piss Pot

My personal piss pot arrived, keen to please his Mistress….
“Strip naked and drop to your knees, I ordered “
I reminded my piss pot how worthless he was and how lucky he was to be allowed to drink my piss.
I fastened a lead around his neck and ordered him to kiss my feet.
Eager to please he didn’t hesitate.
As I lead him to the bathroom, by the lead, I ordered him to get down and lick my toilet clean.
“Make sure you get your tongue right around the rim, I want it to sparkle”!
Constantly reminding piss pot how worthless he was!!
Once satisfied the toilet was clean
, I ordered him into the toilet box and secured his hands with cuffs.
As I pushed the funnel in to his mouth, I warned him not to waste any of my piss!
I let him wait anxiously for a while before I sat on the seat ….making sure the funnel was in place, I pissed into my piss pot … just hearing him gurgling on my piss makes me smile .
I left him to enjoy the flavour before ordering him to get dressed and allowing him to leave.