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Edging a Testimonial

A long, relentless and painful edging.

After arriving and a chat we went into a role my hair being grabbed and ordered to strip. I was promptly hung arms above head and a verbal humiliation given.
What ensued was an hour and a half of edging with a twist. Every time I got close to orgasm I had tell Mistress who promptly gave me a punishment for stopping her amusement and being weak. Repeated nipple torture and around 30 pegs were placed on my face as she relentlessly brought me close to orgasm repeatedly . Arms tied up my back and gagged.

I was also made to wear knickers that she had pissed on, using the damp from the knickers to keep my cock moist.

When finally ordered to orgasm I was placed in the toilet box , peed on as well as some scat then I was quite forcefully milked whilst laid in her toilet box not been able to see anything but the ceiling.
An excellent session that pushed my limits whilst in sub space which I’d like to develop further.


At the centre of My kinky web – a testimonial

Mistress Ella-lou fulfilled my every desire. As soon as she bid me entry into her domain, ordered me to strip and kneel before her standing above me clad in tight black latex and high heels, I was completely under her power.
Guiding me into her impressively prepared chambers she was 100% attentive, her seductive voice and larger than life presence was squarely focused on me the whole time, making me feel like I was at the centre of her kinky web and she the long legged widow.

I requested a guided masturbation session, which she was more than capable of providing and after teasing me relentlessly with her wily ways finally, graciously she allowed me to cum as I exploded before her, unable to hold it back any longer.

Rest assured there is no doubt in my mind that I will be making my back to her sooner rather later.


My first visit to Mistress Ella – I’ll be back!

This was my first visit to see Mistress Ella, a two hour feminisation and humiliation session. I will certainly be returning. She was able to provide the best humiliation experience I have had.

As for the role play, if there was an Oscar category for best Dominatrix role play, Mistress Ella would win every year. I was made to feel totally at ease by a beautiful and extremely witty lady.

The premises were clean and very discrete. A wonderful experience!



Toilet Slavery – a testimonial

Mistress is divine, such a hot body, absolutely stunning! After a brief discussion of wants and limits Mistress took complete control. I’d agreed to be her full toilet slave for the session and wasn’t disappointed.

After my balls were tied tightly for the CBT later, I was taken immediately to the toilet box and locked inside. Mistress was kind enough to put a torch into the box so I could see exactly what was happening. Mistress sat above and first let a torrent of golden piss into my mouth which I eagerly drank.

Then for the main course, Mistress made sure my mouth was fully open. I saw the lovely shit come down from mistress’s beautiful hole, straight into my mouth- the first time I have taken shit into my mouth!

The feeling as my mouth filled with Mistress’ shit was the most intense high, indescribable!

I started to chew and savour it then Mistress decided to smear it all over my face. then I was told to keep it in my mouth while the CBT started in earnest.

Being sounded and electrostimmed all while holding a mouth full of shit was incredible

Finally mistress instructed me to take her shit and rub it into my cock and balls and wank with it. A few sharp strokes of the cane on my balls then I was allowed to cum.

All in all, perhaps the most intense afternoon ever!


A Testimonial

I had the opportunity to visit Mistress Ella yesterday and what a great session followed. She has the ability to discern my exact needs and then to carry out activities which totally fit. She can be very strict but also shows understanding with humour. This was my 2nd visit to her and I am already looking forward to the next visit.


Another perfect session with Huddersfield Mistress Ella

Huddersfield Mistress

Yet another absolutely perfect session with Mistress Ella in her spotlessly clean and lovingly assembled chambers. I plumped for a 2 hour session. Time spent with the inimitable Mistress Ella flies by due to every second being packed with pleasure.

After a pre session chat I was tied to the St Andrews Cross and a flogger was used on my chest, cock and balls, gradually increasing in intensity as I was eased into the most amazing subspace. Mistress Ella is an expert in getting her subject into subspace. In my considerable experience there’s no one better and that’s down to Mistress Ella’s very obvious extremely high intelligence. Her comprehension of the submissive psyche is second to none and better than any Mistress I’ve ever met.

Due to my penchant for humiliation, I was made to wear a dog mask and used as a footstool before being taken for walkies, being told to “Heel!” along the way and being smartly whipped to ensure obedience.

Next up was Mistress Ella’s favourite: needle play! I was led into the Medical Room. Mistress took great pleasure in filling both of my nipples with needles. I enjoyed seeing the look of happiness on her face with the insertion of each needle.

Back to the dungeon for a caning, again easing me into the most delight subspace.

Finally and last but not least I was taken back to the Medical Room and out came the e-stim. The loops were attached to my cock and the power was slowly increased. Mistress Ella is highly proficient with electrics and she brought me to the most incredible and powerful orgasm. The most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced.

As I write this testimonial, I’m buzzing. I’m really looking forward to having a session with Mistress Ella again.


2 hours of WOW! with Mistress Ella

Yorkshire Mistress

I’ve had a few sessions with Mistress Ella in her fantastic chambers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and I’m always amazed at how much pleasure she manages to create in an hour. Not a second is wasted. I therefore decided to go for a 2 hour session this time, hoping that Mistress would be able to provide 2 hours of intense pleasure. Wow!! She did, and then some!

I used the word “Wow!” out loud many times during the session due to the pleasurably overwhelming combined effects of Mistress Ella’s beauty and superior expertise.

I was attached to the inversion table and turned almost upside down. Mistress then gave me gradually increasing amounts of CBT while she stood astride my face and allowed me to worship her bottom. The more pain I took, the more worship I was allowed. I was in the most heavenly subspace the whole time. I was then fully inverted and allowed to worship Mistress Ella’s beautiful, perfectly pedicured feet. The whole inversion experience was totally euphoric and so safe too.

I was then attached to the cross and Mistress used a flogger on my nipples, cock and balls, encouraging me to take more and keeping me in subspace. I’ve never previously had a session with a Mistress who can keep me in subspace for the whole session. Mistress Ella can and does.

Mistress then needed to pee, and naturally I was to be her toilet. With watersports (and hardsports for those who like that) there are two choices: a fully enclosed toilet box or a chair with a toilet seat. With the latter, you can see everything that is happening. I went for the fully enclosed toilet box because I enjoy the sensory deprivation element. Mistress Ella’s pee is absolutely divine!

Next I was secured to the spanking bench and Mistress flogged me with a flogger, strap then the cane, always expertly ensuring I was sent deeper and deeper into subspace. In sessions with other Mistresses, I’ve asked for the cane not to be used because it was too painful, but with Mistress Ella I absolutely love the cane. I look forward to being caned by Mistress Ella. If you normally can’t take the cane or if you’re nervous about taking it, have a session with Mistress Ella and you won’t want to be caned by anyone else after that.

After the caning and while still attached to the spanking bench, Mistress took me with her strapon while flogging my back with a flogger. What an amazing experience that was, and it’s an even better experience when you can see Mistress’s beautiful face in the mirror while she’s doing it.

I was then ordered into the medical room and strapped to the medical bench to be subjected to Mistress Ella’s favourite: needle play! Mistress gave me a crown of thorns. Looking at her beautiful face while she expertly inserted the needles, all the while talking to me and encouraging me kept me firmly in subspace.

Finally, it was time to make me cum using electrics. Mistress has the top of the range e-stim, which has many programs and can even respond to sounds and she certainly knows how to use it, bringing me to the most powerful and long lasting orgasm I’ve ever experienced.

Mistress Ella is absolutely amazing!


Becoming Mistress Ella’s human toilet

I contacted Mistress Ella in the hope of serving as her toilet. I emailed mistress detailing my likes and dislikes and my previous experience. This would not be my first toilet duties but I am by no means experienced or fully trained. Within a short while mistress replied saying that was was ready to go immediately if I could make it. I replied saying I could and I was on my way.

Mistress’ premises are easy to find, however there is an awkward set of traffic lights just before that caused me to be late. Note for next time. Don’t be late! Quick as a flash I was ordered upstairs on my knees to worship mistress’s feet.

I was then ordered into the bathroom whilst mistress prepared herself and enquired about my previous experience. Mistress had to pee first so I laid in the bath to receive a torrent straight into my mouth that I gulped down as fast as I could. I was now time for the main event and mistress could tell I was a bit nervous so fitted me with an open mouth gag. No going back now! I was ordered to lie down in front of the toilet with my head up against. I watched on as Mistress’ scat was delivered straight into my mouth. Before i knew it my mouth was full and some over spilled onto the floor. I was made to pick any excess up and smear it all over myself whilst still having a mouthful of Mistress’ scat, although Mistress too great delight in pushing a bit more into the back of my throat.

I was made to hold it in my mouth or consume it all whilst mistress cleaned herself up. There was some gagging on my part but I did manage to consume a small amount. Only when mistress was happy with me did she allow me to relieve myself (with scat covered hands of course) whilst still holding her scat in my mouth. Will definitely be returning to serve again and increase my training.


What an amazing day – a Testimonial

What an amazing day. I turned up to Mistress Ella’s dungeon and I was greeted by a gorgeous powerful looking lady.

I became all nervous and couldn’t wait for her to get to work on me. She dressed me up then made me dance. Mistress was testing me to see if I could be her sissy and telling me I could make her some money and although I’m a novice I took it quite well.

I kept looking at her amazing physique and thinking I would love to see her fantastic figure naked.

She then sat over my face and gave me a full helping of amber nectar. I couldn’t drink it all but not through lack of trying. Then was the moment I was waiting for…… I was strapped to the bench and mistress milked my prostate, starting small and increasing till I almost shot my load. I was released, laid on my back and wanked in tandom with mistress, I shot my load over my hand and mistress made me lick it all up.

Mistress Ella is a genuine dom who had my pleasure in mind whilst being dominant and hard. I would love to suck cock for mistress and serve as a virgin hole for her to get violated as she saw fit.


Simply The Best!

I could tell from Mistress Ella’s website and her tweets that She is highly intelligent and insightful. What I didn’t know is that this was going to be the best session I’ve ever had.  During our pre-session chat it quickly became evident that Mistress Ella remembered the details from our previous correspondence and wanted to explore each one in depth even before the session began. This really excited me because I’ve never had such an in-depth discussion about a session before.

The session began with impact play and Mistress Ella explained about her traffic light system which enabled her to precisely understand my current pain levels and adjust the strokes accordingly. I rapidly went into subspace, staying there and getting deeper in while being hit with a flogger, strap and the cane.  I was able to enjoy a caning that was harder than I’ve experienced before and my bum is still glowing nicely as I write this.

I love humiliation and was treated to 2 drinks of Mistress Ella’s lovely pee, straight from the source. I was then attached to her St Andrews Cross and verbally abused while licking Mistress’s sweaty armpits clean after she’d done a 5k run. I was then allowed to worship her very sweaty après run feet. Heaven!

I was then taken with Mistress Ella’s strapon while Mistress reminded me that I am her slut and cock sucker.

The icing on the cake was when I was put onto Mistress Ella’s new inversion equipment.  I was turned upside down and was able to worship Mistress’s feet while she gave me CBT, then she moved me into a position where she could pee into my mouth and worship her bottom.  Bliss!

Last but not least Mistress took me into her medical room and expertly gave me a crown of thorns.

You can tell from this testimonial that although nothing was rushed, not a session was wasted during the session.  It was wall to wall pleasure all the way through.

Looking forward to going back very much!