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Lick My Sweaty Feet

My slave arrived, ready to serve.
He knew Mistress would be sweaty, as I had just been on a run.
Wearing my trainers with no socks was a recipe for smelly feet.
I ordered him to strip his clothes off, so I could have a laugh at him.
Once naked I tied his hands together.
You now belong to me, I told him.
It was so hot outside, that the sweat was still visible all over me.
I raised my arms and ordered him to lick my arm pits.
Use your tongue and clean those sweaty pits.
Once I was satisfied, I made him drop to his knees “remove my trainers and clean those sweaty feet I ordered. Make sure you get between each toe and clean them with your tongue”.
As I was not impressed I ordered my slave over my bench.
I administered 5 hard canes as punishment.
I also slapped his balls and cock.
I sent him away with a task of improving his skills for next time.


Humiliation, Degradation with Foot Worship & Hard Sports

West Yorkshire Mistress

What a fantastic session today, with someone who came all the way from London to see Me for enforced hard sports and foot worship.

First, I allowed him to worship my feet, then I filed skin from My feet onto a plate and watched him eat it.

I then put him into the toilet box and bound him securely. Be aware that if you ask for enforced hard sports, there is no going back. It WILL be enforced. I sat on his mouth and stayed there until he’d eaten it all. I allowed him the privilege of licking Me clean, using his tongue as toilet paper.

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