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My New Inversion Table

Huddersfield Mistress

My new inversion table is great fun! What can I do with you while you are on it? Well I can have have you upright, horizontal, fully upside down or anywhere in between. Perfect for:

  • Foot worship
  • CBT
  • Bottom Worship
  • Water Sports
  • Bottom Worship
  • Fart Fetish
  • and more…

It’s quick, easy and very safe to use. As you can see, My slave below is enjoying the view while I squeeze his balls!

Yorkshire Mistress


My Personal Cleaner

My personal cleaner requested an early morning appointment. I didn’t shower, I just got out of bed, dressed and jogged straight to the chambers.

I didn’t need to wash or shower, as he was going to clean me with his tongue.

I first put on his collar then made him start at my arm pits. It had taken me an hour to run to the chambers, so I was super sweaty. He licked every bit of sweat off my armpits. He then had to lick my sweaty feet. As treat I allowed him to have the contents of my nose.

After I peed all over him, I allowed him to clean me then watch as I shit. I made taste my fart, then clean my shitty arse




Although most Mistresses don’t allow any kind of intimate body worship, I do, because I enjoy it, and let’s face it, you exist for my pleasure don’t you?

I allow bottom worship, rimming and pussy worship, provided you are scrupulously clean and highly respectful. Your tongue will be put to very good use. Body worship is not a right or a given. It is an honour and a privilege that I bestow upon those whose behaviour in session is beyond reproach.

Do you like humiliation and degradation? Lick my bottom while I squeeze your balls to make your tongue work harder.

I might let you worship my nipples while I torture yours. You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Imagine worshipping my divine pussy while my e-stim or my sharp fingernails bring you to a shuddering climax.

In session, I own you, and you will be put to good use.