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My Latest Human Toilet

My toilet arrived at the time given, eager to please…
I ordered him to remove his clothing and to keep his eyes on the floor, making sure he understood, that he was not worthy of looking at such a beautiful Mistress.
After restraining him and forcing on the gas mask full of poppers, I whispered “I’m going to fuck you up before I shit on you”.
Secured to my bench, arse up, I proceeded to lube his hole, making it very clear, I can do as I please!
I could feel how scared he was, once he saw the surgical glove come out.
Soaking my hand in lube, while he watched, I told him ‘I’m going to enjoy pushing my fist up your arse”.
It wasn’t long before he had swallowed my whole hand.
I directed him to the bathroom, get in there and lie on the floor, you’re not going in the toilet box today.
Mouth open he was ready to eat my shit, there was plenty of it, so I smeared it all over him.
Forcing what was left down his throat. There is no waste being left here!


My New Human Toilet

My toilet arrived on time, ready to serve.
He knows his place.
I ordered him to strip off all of his clothes and drop to his knees.
I reminded him, that he was only worthy of being a toilet.
I let him know, how much he had in common with the toilet, seeing as though, he was like, a piece of shit off my shoe.
I told him to open his mouth, as he knelt in front of me.
Once I had handcuffed his wrists, I turned and sat on his face, as I darted into his mouth, I ordered him to inhale. I stayed there for a minute or two, I wouldn’t want it to go to waste.
I positioned him into the toilet box and left him there until I needed to use him.
A short time after, I pissed into his mouth, before shitting into it.
There was loads of shit, so I left him for a while, to lie in the shit he couldn’t eat.
I then smeared it all over his face and made sure I pushed it up his nose, so he would be smelling it later, just to remind him what he was put on this earth for.


Becoming Mistress Ella’s human toilet

I contacted Mistress Ella in the hope of serving as her toilet. I emailed mistress detailing my likes and dislikes and my previous experience. This would not be my first toilet duties but I am by no means experienced or fully trained. Within a short while mistress replied saying that was was ready to go immediately if I could make it. I replied saying I could and I was on my way.

Mistress’ premises are easy to find, however there is an awkward set of traffic lights just before that caused me to be late. Note for next time. Don’t be late! Quick as a flash I was ordered upstairs on my knees to worship mistress’s feet.

I was then ordered into the bathroom whilst mistress prepared herself and enquired about my previous experience. Mistress had to pee first so I laid in the bath to receive a torrent straight into my mouth that I gulped down as fast as I could. I was now time for the main event and mistress could tell I was a bit nervous so fitted me with an open mouth gag. No going back now! I was ordered to lie down in front of the toilet with my head up against. I watched on as Mistress’ scat was delivered straight into my mouth. Before i knew it my mouth was full and some over spilled onto the floor. I was made to pick any excess up and smear it all over myself whilst still having a mouthful of Mistress’ scat, although Mistress too great delight in pushing a bit more into the back of my throat.

I was made to hold it in my mouth or consume it all whilst mistress cleaned herself up. There was some gagging on my part but I did manage to consume a small amount. Only when mistress was happy with me did she allow me to relieve myself (with scat covered hands of course) whilst still holding her scat in my mouth. Will definitely be returning to serve again and increase my training.


My Trainee Human Toilet

My new toilet arrived, on time and eager to please.
After short chat, he revealed that he hadn’t ever had scat in his mouth.
I made it very clear, if he is my toilet, then he will be used as one. He will take what ever comes. I ordered him to remove all clothing.
He would be here as my toilet and only my toilet today.
He would be used as and when, I needed him.
On his knees, before me, I handcuffed his wrists.
I told him, that when I didn’t need him, he would lie there and wait until I did.
I wanted him to see what was coming, so made him lie under my throne. I attached the cuffs to each side of the throne.
I told him to open his mouth and not to waste any of my piss.
I sat on my throne and peed into his mouth.
There was loads of it, but he was very careful not to spill.
I wanted to make him wait for my scat.
I left him lying there for ten minutes and loved to see how nervous he had become.
I reminded him that to be my toilet, he would have to consume my scat..
Before he could back out I fitted my open mouth gag on him.
There, now you don’t have a choice.
I sat on my throne and enjoyed every minute of watching him squirm for a while.
My scat landed perfectly in his mouth.
As he began to gip, I warned him, if he wasted it, there would be no chance of becoming a toilet for his Mistress.
I told him, I wanted him to allow it all in his mouth and keep it in. Then I wanted him to suck it and when I take the gag off, I wanted him to close his mouth with it inside.
It took a little while but he got there in the end.
He didn’t have to eat it this time, I’m saving it for the next visit.


Testimonial – first time visiting a Mistress

My first time every visiting a Mistress. So happy i found Mistress Ella. What an experience.
I have always fantasised about seeing a Mistress but never had the courage. I have an interest in toilet training so finding the right Mistress was hard. Finally, my searches kept on bringing me to Mistress Ella’s site. Eventually i plucked up the courage to go and see her.
The drive over was the most nervous drive ever. So many thoughts going through my head. Not knowing at all what to expect. Finally i pulled up. Easy parking so no need to worry. Sitting in the car i started to shake. I have NEVER been this scared.
Finally, after a few minutes wait with my own thoughts, I was told to enter. Greeting me at the door was a stunning goddess of a woman. Told me to go upstairs. Standing at the top of the stairs was myself shaking. She quickly made me feel comfortable as she could see i was petrified. Explaining the session and going through the do’s and do nots. Finally she told me to go and undress. At this point i was absolutely petrified. So scared of what was to come.
Boot worship, nipple play, spanking then onto the thing ive been fantasising about…. toilet play.
I had never done anything like this before so was unsure how i was going to cope. Mistress read my feelings without asking, making me feel comfortable. But at the same time, pushing my boundaries and making me go further than i would have thought possible. I am SO excited for next time. Hopefully i will be better at the task in hand.
Thank you again Mistress Ella. Look forward to seeing you soon. Xx


My toilet slave

My toilet slave presented himself in position ready to serve, feeling the poppers he had just inhaled.
With his Mouth open, I let my warm piss fill his mouth, before I ordered him to swallow.
He knew the consequences of wasting my golden nectar.
He really didn’t want to be cold caned today..
He was eager to taste my shit, but I wanted to make him beg for it.. Listening to him begging for my shit was highly amusing… The fact that he was willing to swallow it, if I gave it to him, pleased me.
He lay there waiting, mouth opened, it was a perfect landing, straight into his mouth. I looked down at my toilet slave, shit hanging out of his mouth.
Trying to not waste it, he started to chew. I looked into his eyes and watched until every last bit was gone..
I wasn’t finished.. There was more to come… Although I didn’t want my slave to swallow this one., he still had to catch it in his mouth.
This one, was going in a tub, for my slave to take home.
I ordered my slave to go clean himself up.
I was stood ready wearing my strap on, I ordered slave to his knees. I pointed to my cock and said suck!
He loved having my cock in his mouth, before being bent over and fucked. He loved my cock riding him…
I could tell he wanted more, but I wouldn’t let him… Instead I wanted him to feel my fist going in to his hole.
Starting the process of preparing his hole to be stretched to fit my fist in, was a dream come true for my slave..
This time.. To the knuckles.. Next time, will depend how I feel at the time.


My new human toilet hard sports slave

My toilet arrived 10 mins late.,, breaking one of my rules before arriving….
He has been a toilet before, but not for hardsports, well not forced down his throat hard sports anyway.
I ordered him to undress and prepare himself, there would be no backing out today.
For starters I gave him some of my golden nectar “drink it toilet” I don’t want any waste.
I made him sit and wait for a while, as my toilet you will sit and wait until I need you.
For being late I made him wear my open mouth gag, he was going to swallow my shit no matter what.
When I was ready to allow him to eat my shit, I stood over him and let him see it coming out.
I moved in closer to his mouth, there was loads of it.
Once I finished I pushed it into his mouth and held my hand over it until he swallowed, the more he gagged the more I shoved in. I loved it.


My first-time hardsports slave

A first time human toilet travelled all the way from Newcastle today, for half an hour of the honour of eating my scat and from previous communication, I know that he has lost his bottle at the last minute.  There will be none of that today.  I had my open-mouth gag ready for him.

He was shaking from head to foot when he arrived, I wasn’t sure if he was nervous or excited at the thought of having my hot scat forced down his throat.

As I squatted over his face, I could see how excited he was, just from drinking my pee. Seconds later just as I gave him a taster of my shit, he orgasmed in his hand.  Well it was certainly the build up of thoughts about my scat that got him super excited!


Review of Mistress Ella

I am an experienced slave who needed a new challenge.

I was interested in scat which is the ultimate humiliation. l had been looking for a suitable Mistress and came across Mistress Ella who is quite close to me and arranged a session. MISTRESS on paying my deposit sent me some pics of herself in nylons which I used for some personal training prior to the visit.

On arrival Mistress orders me upstairs you are my scat pig she said. MISTRESS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL and looked stunning in latex high heels and nylons. It was my first time for scat and I did manage to eat some of her caviar, which she told me was a good start it was a fab session and I felt total humiliation and my aim now is to be Mistress ELLA’S NUM 1 SCAT SLAVE and next time to show my devotion my eating more for her.

MISTRESS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL powerful Mistress and I cant wait to visit again.

Slave nic


Testimonial – Hard Sports

booked a session with Mistress Ella , as I travelled up from London I was excited to be used by a Yorkshire women as i have a love or northern women. As i arrived Mistress was looking amazing in the dungeon near by. She put me at ease and showed me around. All I could think of was wow as in how she looked and being in the presence of a mistress like her. She showed me around and told me how she expects a toilet like me to be around her etc….. she told me she had saved me some dinner from before which she took out a plastic container and told me she will feed me it and then I’d get a fresh load after … once I started licking suckin her toes she used a foot scraper and made me lick all the dirt and eat it . We then went in another room where I ate her ass licked it, smelt it and she told me it’s time to eat . She fed me the shit she had saved up with a fork until it was all gone . I found it difficult at start but while seein ger face and talkin to me she put me at ease and reminded me I’m a toilet for women like her and finsihed it. I then asked if she would like me under the toilet char she agreed. She sat over me started tellin me to tongue and lick her ass while talking to me as a toilet. I then felt her beautiful ass shake and felt shit on my tongue I proceeded to eat as it was coming out while doing this mistress Ella’s ass got messy and she had her ass planted on my mouth I was eating fast and chewing not to disappoint her as I was swallowing I kept gettin more aroused each time I swallowed and chewed as more started coming out my face got messy and mistres ass cheeks I started cleaning licking eatin while she spoke filth to me . I then started cleaning her more as she told me to and became her very own toilet paper . I cleaned her then she told me to get up and took me in bathroom where her lovely ass was still messy so I cleaned even more scrubbing my tounge on her ass cheeks throughly until she was satisfied and happy. I loved every minute of my first meet and it was worth the travel .