My toilet slave

My toilet slave presented himself in position ready to serve, feeling the poppers he had just inhaled.
With his Mouth open, I let my warm piss fill his mouth, before I ordered him to swallow.
He knew the consequences of wasting my golden nectar.
He really didn’t want to be cold caned today..
He was eager to taste my shit, but I wanted to make him beg for it.. Listening to him begging for my shit was highly amusing… The fact that he was willing to swallow it, if I gave it to him, pleased me.
He lay there waiting, mouth opened, it was a perfect landing, straight into his mouth. I looked down at my toilet slave, shit hanging out of his mouth.
Trying to not waste it, he started to chew. I looked into his eyes and watched until every last bit was gone..
I wasn’t finished.. There was more to come… Although I didn’t want my slave to swallow this one., he still had to catch it in his mouth.
This one, was going in a tub, for my slave to take home.
I ordered my slave to go clean himself up.
I was stood ready wearing my strap on, I ordered slave to his knees. I pointed to my cock and said suck!
He loved having my cock in his mouth, before being bent over and fucked. He loved my cock riding him…
I could tell he wanted more, but I wouldn’t let him… Instead I wanted him to feel my fist going in to his hole.
Starting the process of preparing his hole to be stretched to fit my fist in, was a dream come true for my slave..
This time.. To the knuckles.. Next time, will depend how I feel at the time.