My Latest Human Toilet

My toilet arrived at the time given, eager to please…
I ordered him to remove his clothing and to keep his eyes on the floor, making sure he understood, that he was not worthy of looking at such a beautiful Mistress.
After restraining him and forcing on the gas mask full of poppers, I whispered “I’m going to fuck you up before I shit on you”.
Secured to my bench, arse up, I proceeded to lube his hole, making it very clear, I can do as I please!
I could feel how scared he was, once he saw the surgical glove come out.
Soaking my hand in lube, while he watched, I told him ‘I’m going to enjoy pushing my fist up your arse”.
It wasn’t long before he had swallowed my whole hand.
I directed him to the bathroom, get in there and lie on the floor, you’re not going in the toilet box today.
Mouth open he was ready to eat my shit, there was plenty of it, so I smeared it all over him.
Forcing what was left down his throat. There is no waste being left here!