Edging a Testimonial

A long, relentless and painful edging.

After arriving and a chat we went into a role my hair being grabbed and ordered to strip. I was promptly hung arms above head and a verbal humiliation given.
What ensued was an hour and a half of edging with a twist. Every time I got close to orgasm I had tell Mistress who promptly gave me a punishment for stopping her amusement and being weak. Repeated nipple torture and around 30 pegs were placed on my face as she relentlessly brought me close to orgasm repeatedly . Arms tied up my back and gagged.

I was also made to wear knickers that she had pissed on, using the damp from the knickers to keep my cock moist.

When finally ordered to orgasm I was placed in the toilet box , peed on as well as some scat then I was quite forcefully milked whilst laid in her toilet box not been able to see anything but the ceiling.
An excellent session that pushed my limits whilst in sub space which I’d like to develop further.