My new human toilet hard sports slave

My toilet arrived 10 mins late.,, breaking one of my rules before arriving….
He has been a toilet before, but not for hardsports, well not forced down his throat hard sports anyway.
I ordered him to undress and prepare himself, there would be no backing out today.
For starters I gave him some of my golden nectar “drink it toilet” I don’t want any waste.
I made him sit and wait for a while, as my toilet you will sit and wait until I need you.
For being late I made him wear my open mouth gag, he was going to swallow my shit no matter what.
When I was ready to allow him to eat my shit, I stood over him and let him see it coming out.
I moved in closer to his mouth, there was loads of it.
Once I finished I pushed it into his mouth and held my hand over it until he swallowed, the more he gagged the more I shoved in. I loved it.