My Trainee Human Toilet

My new toilet arrived, on time and eager to please.
After short chat, he revealed that he hadn’t ever had scat in his mouth.
I made it very clear, if he is my toilet, then he will be used as one. He will take what ever comes. I ordered him to remove all clothing.
He would be here as my toilet and only my toilet today.
He would be used as and when, I needed him.
On his knees, before me, I handcuffed his wrists.
I told him, that when I didn’t need him, he would lie there and wait until I did.
I wanted him to see what was coming, so made him lie under my throne. I attached the cuffs to each side of the throne.
I told him to open his mouth and not to waste any of my piss.
I sat on my throne and peed into his mouth.
There was loads of it, but he was very careful not to spill.
I wanted to make him wait for my scat.
I left him lying there for ten minutes and loved to see how nervous he had become.
I reminded him that to be my toilet, he would have to consume my scat..
Before he could back out I fitted my open mouth gag on him.
There, now you don’t have a choice.
I sat on my throne and enjoyed every minute of watching him squirm for a while.
My scat landed perfectly in his mouth.
As he began to gip, I warned him, if he wasted it, there would be no chance of becoming a toilet for his Mistress.
I told him, I wanted him to allow it all in his mouth and keep it in. Then I wanted him to suck it and when I take the gag off, I wanted him to close his mouth with it inside.
It took a little while but he got there in the end.
He didn’t have to eat it this time, I’m saving it for the next visit.