Becoming Mistress Ella’s human toilet

I contacted Mistress Ella in the hope of serving as her toilet. I emailed mistress detailing my likes and dislikes and my previous experience. This would not be my first toilet duties but I am by no means experienced or fully trained. Within a short while mistress replied saying that was was ready to go immediately if I could make it. I replied saying I could and I was on my way.

Mistress’ premises are easy to find, however there is an awkward set of traffic lights just before that caused me to be late. Note for next time. Don’t be late! Quick as a flash I was ordered upstairs on my knees to worship mistress’s feet.

I was then ordered into the bathroom whilst mistress prepared herself and enquired about my previous experience. Mistress had to pee first so I laid in the bath to receive a torrent straight into my mouth that I gulped down as fast as I could. I was now time for the main event and mistress could tell I was a bit nervous so fitted me with an open mouth gag. No going back now! I was ordered to lie down in front of the toilet with my head up against. I watched on as Mistress’ scat was delivered straight into my mouth. Before i knew it my mouth was full and some over spilled onto the floor. I was made to pick any excess up and smear it all over myself whilst still having a mouthful of Mistress’ scat, although Mistress too great delight in pushing a bit more into the back of my throat.

I was made to hold it in my mouth or consume it all whilst mistress cleaned herself up. There was some gagging on my part but I did manage to consume a small amount. Only when mistress was happy with me did she allow me to relieve myself (with scat covered hands of course) whilst still holding her scat in my mouth. Will definitely be returning to serve again and increase my training.