Simply The Best!

I could tell from Mistress Ella’s website and her tweets that She is highly intelligent and insightful. What I didn’t know is that this was going to be the best session I’ve ever had.  During our pre-session chat it quickly became evident that Mistress Ella remembered the details from our previous correspondence and wanted to explore each one in depth even before the session began. This really excited me because I’ve never had such an in-depth discussion about a session before.

The session began with impact play and Mistress Ella explained about her traffic light system which enabled her to precisely understand my current pain levels and adjust the strokes accordingly. I rapidly went into subspace, staying there and getting deeper in while being hit with a flogger, strap and the cane.  I was able to enjoy a caning that was harder than I’ve experienced before and my bum is still glowing nicely as I write this.

I love humiliation and was treated to 2 drinks of Mistress Ella’s lovely pee, straight from the source. I was then attached to her St Andrews Cross and verbally abused while licking Mistress’s sweaty armpits clean after she’d done a 5k run. I was then allowed to worship her very sweaty après run feet. Heaven!

I was then taken with Mistress Ella’s strapon while Mistress reminded me that I am her slut and cock sucker.

The icing on the cake was when I was put onto Mistress Ella’s new inversion equipment.  I was turned upside down and was able to worship Mistress’s feet while she gave me CBT, then she moved me into a position where she could pee into my mouth and worship her bottom.  Bliss!

Last but not least Mistress took me into her medical room and expertly gave me a crown of thorns.

You can tell from this testimonial that although nothing was rushed, not a session was wasted during the session.  It was wall to wall pleasure all the way through.

Looking forward to going back very much!