Another perfect session with Huddersfield Mistress Ella

Huddersfield Mistress

Yet another absolutely perfect session with Mistress Ella in her spotlessly clean and lovingly assembled chambers. I plumped for a 2 hour session. Time spent with the inimitable Mistress Ella flies by due to every second being packed with pleasure.

After a pre session chat I was tied to the St Andrews Cross and a flogger was used on my chest, cock and balls, gradually increasing in intensity as I was eased into the most amazing subspace. Mistress Ella is an expert in getting her subject into subspace. In my considerable experience there’s no one better and that’s down to Mistress Ella’s very obvious extremely high intelligence. Her comprehension of the submissive psyche is second to none and better than any Mistress I’ve ever met.

Due to my penchant for humiliation, I was made to wear a dog mask and used as a footstool before being taken for walkies, being told to “Heel!” along the way and being smartly whipped to ensure obedience.

Next up was Mistress Ella’s favourite: needle play! I was led into the Medical Room. Mistress took great pleasure in filling both of my nipples with needles. I enjoyed seeing the look of happiness on her face with the insertion of each needle.

Back to the dungeon for a caning, again easing me into the most delight subspace.

Finally and last but not least I was taken back to the Medical Room and out came the e-stim. The loops were attached to my cock and the power was slowly increased. Mistress Ella is highly proficient with electrics and she brought me to the most incredible and powerful orgasm. The most intense pleasure I’ve ever experienced.

As I write this testimonial, I’m buzzing. I’m really looking forward to having a session with Mistress Ella again.