What an amazing day – a Testimonial

What an amazing day. I turned up to Mistress Ella’s dungeon and I was greeted by a gorgeous powerful looking lady.

I became all nervous and couldn’t wait for her to get to work on me. She dressed me up then made me dance. Mistress was testing me to see if I could be her sissy and telling me I could make her some money and although I’m a novice I took it quite well.

I kept looking at her amazing physique and thinking I would love to see her fantastic figure naked.

She then sat over my face and gave me a full helping of amber nectar. I couldn’t drink it all but not through lack of trying. Then was the moment I was waiting for…… I was strapped to the bench and mistress milked my prostate, starting small and increasing till I almost shot my load. I was released, laid on my back and wanked in tandom with mistress, I shot my load over my hand and mistress made me lick it all up.

Mistress Ella is a genuine dom who had my pleasure in mind whilst being dominant and hard. I would love to suck cock for mistress and serve as a virgin hole for her to get violated as she saw fit.