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Another amazing session with Yorkshire Mistress Ella

Another amazing session with Yorkshire Mistress Ella.

Mistress Ella is every bit as beautiful as you’ve read in her other testimonials, and with such an incredibly sexy well toned figure.  Even when you’ve seen her before, her beauty and her sexiness hit you as soon as she opens the door.  Every time I look at her, I just think: “Wow!”  Sometimes I say it out loud.

In session, Mistress Ella knows exactly how to push the right buttons; saying the right things at the right time; knowing that BDSM is really about power exchange; being able to inflict exactly the right amount of pain.  We went through impact play, CBT, foot worship and needle play.  Amazing.

I really can’t wait to go back.



A fantastic session with a highly intelligent Mistress

A fantastic session with a highly intelligent and empathetic Mistress!

As soon as our pre-session chat started, it became obvious that Mistress Ella is highly intelligent and pays scrupulous attention to everything you have told her about your BDSM related needs. No stone is left unturned, and even before the session began, I was more excited than I’ve ever been about a session. I just knew this would be something special. What followed was the most exceptional, memorable session I’ve ever experienced. Mistress Ella pressed all of my buttons, keeping them all pressed. The session comprised a whirlwind of non-stop endorphins as I was subjected to the pain and humiliation of my wildest dreams while tied to the cross, bench and medical couch.

Absolutely no time is wasted. With Mistress Ella, every second is made to count, creating wall to wall ecstasy, aiming at total satisfaction and hitting the bullseye.

The pièce de résistance was attaching electrics to my genitals, setting the electrics to respond to noise then whipping me, the sound of each stroke delivering a pulse of electricity to my genitals until I came to the most shuddering, awesome climax ever.

Beautiful. Statuesque. Highly intelligent. An expert Mistress par excellence. Wow!


Review of Mistress Ella

I am an experienced slave who needed a new challenge.

I was interested in scat which is the ultimate humiliation. l had been looking for a suitable Mistress and came across Mistress Ella who is quite close to me and arranged a session. MISTRESS on paying my deposit sent me some pics of herself in nylons which I used for some personal training prior to the visit.

On arrival Mistress orders me upstairs you are my scat pig she said. MISTRESS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL and looked stunning in latex high heels and nylons. It was my first time for scat and I did manage to eat some of her caviar, which she told me was a good start it was a fab session and I felt total humiliation and my aim now is to be Mistress ELLA’S NUM 1 SCAT SLAVE and next time to show my devotion my eating more for her.

MISTRESS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL powerful Mistress and I cant wait to visit again.

Slave nic


Testimonial – Hard Sports

booked a session with Mistress Ella , as I travelled up from London I was excited to be used by a Yorkshire women as i have a love or northern women. As i arrived Mistress was looking amazing in the dungeon near by. She put me at ease and showed me around. All I could think of was wow as in how she looked and being in the presence of a mistress like her. She showed me around and told me how she expects a toilet like me to be around her etc….. she told me she had saved me some dinner from before which she took out a plastic container and told me she will feed me it and then I’d get a fresh load after … once I started licking suckin her toes she used a foot scraper and made me lick all the dirt and eat it . We then went in another room where I ate her ass licked it, smelt it and she told me it’s time to eat . She fed me the shit she had saved up with a fork until it was all gone . I found it difficult at start but while seein ger face and talkin to me she put me at ease and reminded me I’m a toilet for women like her and finsihed it. I then asked if she would like me under the toilet char she agreed. She sat over me started tellin me to tongue and lick her ass while talking to me as a toilet. I then felt her beautiful ass shake and felt shit on my tongue I proceeded to eat as it was coming out while doing this mistress Ella’s ass got messy and she had her ass planted on my mouth I was eating fast and chewing not to disappoint her as I was swallowing I kept gettin more aroused each time I swallowed and chewed as more started coming out my face got messy and mistres ass cheeks I started cleaning licking eatin while she spoke filth to me . I then started cleaning her more as she told me to and became her very own toilet paper . I cleaned her then she told me to get up and took me in bathroom where her lovely ass was still messy so I cleaned even more scrubbing my tounge on her ass cheeks throughly until she was satisfied and happy. I loved every minute of my first meet and it was worth the travel .


A Testimonial

What can I say about my visit to Mistress. From start to finish it was amazing in a fantastic play space. As soon as I locked eyes with her I was intoxicated. Her beauty was throughout her legs are long and slender her body gripped by the latex looked stunning. Her eyes her voice her smile. Instant.

The session was fantastic playful and most equipment used. Throughout all she was caring and attentive and any nerves pre visit quickly diminished.

Thank you so much for the honour Mistress. And thank you for one of the best champagnes I’ve ever had.


A Testimonial – the most amazing subspace

Mistress Ella displays the most amazing attention to detail. Our pre-session chats cover everything in detail.  She remembers everything.  Ever been for a session where the Mistress has forgotten much of what you previously discussed?  Not Mistress Ella.  Every session is perfect, yet each session is better than the last one.

This 2 hour session started with me strapped to the spanking bench and being very quickly encouraged into subspace using a braided flogger.  That has to rank as being one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve never been so deeply into subspace. Mistress  Ella then moved onto a leather paddle, keeping me in the most amazing subspace I’ve ever had.  Then came the cane.  Until I met Mistress Ella, I was never a fan of the cane, but due to Mistress Ella’s care and expertise, I now love it, and can take it very hard, enjoying every stroke.

Still in subspace, Mistress Ella took me with her strapon, gently at first, using lots of lube, gradually delivering harder and faster thrusts and using the verbal humiliation that I love.

I was then removed from the bench and my wrists were attached to a pulley on the ceiling, holding my arms aloft. I was then whipped with a single tail whip on my chest, upper back and sides, making raised marks on my skin.  Being able to look into Mistress Ella’s beautiful brown eyes and admire her stunning beauty while she whipped me is one of my favourite experiences, definitely to be repeated as soon as possible.

Mistress Ella gave me a very nice reward before attaching electrics to my cock and bringing me to the most shuddering climax.

If you are going to spend your hard earned money having a session with a professional Mistress, you deserve the best. Thank you Mistress Ella for your care, attention to safety and the most wonderful session – until next time…


Learning to love the cane

I used to hate the cane, but Mistress Ella has expertly encouraged me to the point where I love it now. She did it by slowly, sensuously easing me into subspace, where pain and pleasure amalgamate to form a fusion of pure ecstasy.

Mistress Ella is an expert at reading your subliminal signs; your gasps, your movements etc. The unspoken things that let her know your exact feelings at any one time. Every stroke is aimed at giving you pleasure, starting with a hand spanking, moving on to a soft flogger and various other impact play instruments until she is completely sure you are ready for the cane. At that point, the cane holds no fear. You are so aroused and so into subspace that you know every stroke is going to be bliss. And indeed it is.

If you love being caned, Mistress Ella is an expert caner par excellence. If you fantasise about being caned but are nervous about it, then a visit to Mistress Ella in Huddersfield is a must. I used to hate being caned, but now, with Mistress Ella, I love it. So much so that I am looking forward to my next caning by Mistress Ella. So will you.


A Testimonial

I booked my first session with Mistress Ella and upon arrival the door opened and I was invited inside and as I stepped in I was graced by a very beautiful and very sexy lady dressed in a stunning outfit which instantly turned me on and immediately I knew I was certainly in for a good time.
I was then instructed to ascend the staircase and when we reached the top I dropped to my knees and presented Mistress with the tribute.
Mistress Ella then asked me how I would like the session to run as regards likes and dislikes and after a short discussion Mistress then instructed me to stand up and I was the taken on a tour around the building and shown various rooms which were all well equipped and I was very impressed indeed.
After the guided tour it was then time to get down to business and I was then told to strip and then drop down to my knees and await Mistress.
Moments later Mistress appeared in front of me donning the most sexy leather thigh high boots which I had requested and this had me turned on in a big way.
I surrendered myself to Mistress Ella and the session ran absolutely beautifully and we both had a fantastic time and it was an experience I will never forget and I will surely be back for more as Mistress Ella is just so addictive.
After the session Mistress kindly let me take a shower to freshen up and afterwards we chatted for a little while which was a nice touch as Mistress Ella is a very friendly lady and easy to make conversation with.
I can honestly say that after a session with Mistress Ella  I don’t think anybody would leave disappointed as Mistress Ella is very professional and talented in the art of domination.
I thank you once again Mistress for a very enjoyable experience and hope to see you again before long.


Testimonial from a nervous sub

As I travelled to meet Mistress Ella I was very nervous. I arrived at the dungeon and waited for Mistress to arrive as this was a last minute booking. The dungeon is a self contained building with numerous purpose built rooms in it for different types of sessions.

Mistress arrived and I was shown upstairs to where the session would be taking place. The session included, bandage, caning, strap on forced femme & electrics. Without going into too much detail the session was a smashing success and I will certainly be back for more.


A Very Happy Ending

For me, the difference between good Mistresses and great Mistresses is that the latter have a thorough understanding of how to get me into subspace and keep me there. Mistress Ella’s ability to get me into subspace is the best I’ve ever experienced.

Mistress Ella hides her face on her website, which is a shame because she is absolutely beautiful. She also has a perfect Amazonian physique.

After our pre session chat, Mistress Ella made it crystal clear that although she would take account of my likes and limits, once the session started, she would be totally in control and that I had to obey without question. I love that Total Power Exchange with a Mistress who knows how to wield her power over me.

I was tied to the punishment bench and was given a gentle flogging with a soft flogger, moving on to a braided whip. Mistress Ella was talking to me, encouraging me into subspace. When I was fully into subspace, Mistress Ella caned me. I normally don’t like the cane too much, but Mistress Ella got me into subspace so deeply that I didn’t want it to stop. I loved every second of it.

I was then untied and attached to the St Andrews Cross. Mistress Ella tortured my nipples, cock and balls, once again starting gently and encouraging me into subspace. The almost constant eye contact and eerily whispered comments into my ear from Mistress Ella made this an awesome experience. Mistress Ella is a mindfuck and subspace expert par excellence.

Because I’d done so well, Mistress Ella allowed me some body worship, and it is clear that she really enjoys this with clean, respectful submissives.

Mistress Ella provides a luxury experience that, in my experience, few can match, but for a very reasonable tribute. She is also straightforward, honest and trustworthy. I am really looking forward to going back.