A Testimonial – an amazing experience and a high

Had a great session with Mistress Ella.

Communications were really easy, quick phone call and a 60 minute booking was arranged for 45 minutes later.
Premises were easy to find close to the centre of Huddersfield and parking was easy in a safe area.

Mistress took me upstairs, and although conversational, was already getting me in the zone with her voice and dominant demeanour. I could see a kitchen and 3 rooms although there may be more – a bedroom (sissy room?), medical type room with a sort of dentist chair, and the dungeon. The dungeon was a reasonable size and quite well equipped – cage, spanking bench, St Andrews Cross, loads of whips, canes, paddles, torture implements etc. It was nicely decorated in red and black and dimly lit.

Mistress got me to undress in the bedroom, present myself in the hall, clarified my BDSM interests, then led me into the dungeon. What followed was a whirlwind of the activities discussed, where she carefully pushed me into subspace, to the point where I could take so much more than usual.

I was tied to the cross and Mistress went to work on my nipples with a variety of implements, followed by a little CBT, choking, and generally roughing me up.

I was then moved across to her throne and made to worship her cock and boots all the way up. I think what got me into subspace was the way Mistress seemed to be enjoying everything that was going on, and almost getting off on it. Her dirty talk was superb and she kept in role so nicely that I had now drifted into that one.

I was moved to the spanking bench where Mistress expertly slipped her cock in and shagged me senseless to the point where I had 3 prostate orgasms. All the while with lots of attention to my nipples.

Then out came the floggers and a wonderful caning, where i was able to be hit hard enough to mark and whelt my bottom, something I’ve always wanted to achieve. What also helped was that the hits were very accurate and swapped from cheek to cheek.

Then into the medical room where I got to worship Mistress’s body and amazing boobs, and finally into bedroom to finish me off.
All in all an amazing experience and high.