A fantastic session with a highly intelligent Mistress

A fantastic session with a highly intelligent and empathetic Mistress!

As soon as our pre-session chat started, it became obvious that Mistress Ella is highly intelligent and pays scrupulous attention to everything you have told her about your BDSM related needs. No stone is left unturned, and even before the session began, I was more excited than I’ve ever been about a session. I just knew this would be something special. What followed was the most exceptional, memorable session I’ve ever experienced. Mistress Ella pressed all of my buttons, keeping them all pressed. The session comprised a whirlwind of non-stop endorphins as I was subjected to the pain and humiliation of my wildest dreams while tied to the cross, bench and medical couch.

Absolutely no time is wasted. With Mistress Ella, every second is made to count, creating wall to wall ecstasy, aiming at total satisfaction and hitting the bullseye.

The pièce de résistance was attaching electrics to my genitals, setting the electrics to respond to noise then whipping me, the sound of each stroke delivering a pulse of electricity to my genitals until I came to the most shuddering, awesome climax ever.

Beautiful. Statuesque. Highly intelligent. An expert Mistress par excellence. Wow!