Testimonial from a grateful submissive

I do a lot of research before I session with a Mistress I haven’t met before. After all, I don’t get much spare time, so I like to use my spare time well. I was intrigued by Mistress Ella’s tweets and blogs, as well as the varied testimonials on her website. She is clearly a highly intelligent and perceptive Mistress, and that turns me on.

When Mistress Ella opened the door, I was taken aback by her beautiful face and hourglass figure. She has the most amazing legs too. But looks aren’t everything. Expertise and intelligence are more important to me, and wow she has those in abundance. She just oozes quality.

I liked Mistress Ella’s warmth and candour during our extensive pre-session chat. Building rapport and trust even before the session started. That relaxed me enough to be able to submit to her totally and bend to her will.

Although I was given a safeword system to use, I never needed to use it because Mistress gauged my levels perfectly, pushing me to the limit but always in a way that was enjoyable. Mistress used a flogger, strap, various canes, a single tail whip and needles. And when she told me to get down and kiss her feet, then look into her eyes while I drank a large glass of her pee, believe me, she meant business!

Mistress Ella’s place has free parking. It’s also massive inside. A dark dungeon with whipping bench, St Andrews Cross and loads of impact play tools, a white medical room for needle play etc., and a boudoir room. Spotlessly clean with no clutter. I felt at home in there!

After the session we had a chat to discuss how the session went for both of us. No stone was left unturned. Nothing left to chance. I could tell that Mistress Ella was absorbing everything I said.

Every now and again you come across a Mistress who is right on top of her game. In my opinion, Mistress Ella is in the top 1% of Mistresses. Fantastic premises, well equipped, very attractive and a highly intelligent Domme. A real luxury experience that I intend to repeat very quickly. I’ve booked for a 2 hour session already. Can’t wait!