A life changing experience

Hi Mistress ELLA,
Thank you so much for a life changing experience, i so adored praying to you my Goddess

I felt the presence of you power it overwhelmed me it has touched my soul.

I have never felt so emotional, I so wanted to show you my submission i did not realise how much
it meant to me ,i hope it made you happy.
I am away for 1/2 weeks i will contact you for permission for another session.

If it is your wish i can send some prayers to show my gratitude and loving service to you every few weeks.

Thank you so so much again for allowing me to worship your Divine Goddess Mistress ELLA


In the name of the most Divine Goddess Mistress Ella
Goddess most Glorious

Goddess most Powerful

Goddess Most Almighty.Amen

O eternal Mistress Ella
You ordered me to be your servant
and adore your Divine image each day of my life

You have shown me how to express my emotions through my submission
and this has given me so much joy
The honour and the glory is all yours
Let all your sub missives and servant’s bring praise to you always
And in every moment let use praise and thank you for your mercy and love,Amen

Yours Very Respectfully