A Testimonial – preparation is everything

I can’t afford to session very often, so I choose the Mistresses I session with very carefully. There isn’t much worse than paying out hard earned money for a session and not enjoying it, so I tend to do some research before booking a session.

I was intrigued by Mistress Ella’s website and her tweets. She obviously has a very high level of intelligence and a clear understanding of the D/s synergy and fetishes. I booked a session and Mistress Ella told me to send her a concise email outlining my session preferences and hard limits. I told Mistress that I like as much humiliation and degradation as possible as long as it is safe, and that I preferred Mistress to decide how to achieve that.

Wow! Although the session was an hour long, it rapidly became clear that Mistress had spent a lot longer than that preparing for the session. She is an absolute perfectionist. Others have said that Mistress Ella leaves no stones unturned in pursuit of the perfect session. There are no unturned stones in Mistress Ella’s domain.

At the start of the session, I kneeled naked in front of this beautiful statuesque Goddess and she ordered me to open my mouth. She spat straight into my mouth and simultaneously yanked at a cord tied around my balls, ordering me to swallow. That happened several times during the session.

Mistress sat on her throne and ordered me to fetch a sandwich from the fridge. As I knelt at her feet, she chewed the sandwich then spat the chewed food into my mouth and ordered me to eat it while looking into her eyes. Mistress spat the entire chewed sandwich into my mouth in what was the most intensely erotic experience I’ve ever had.

I was then ordered to remove Mistress’s shoes and worship her feet. Mistress told me she had just been for a 5 mile run, and although her feet were clean, they were very sweaty and had a strong natural aroma, which I loved. Mistress made me look into her eyes while I licked and sucked her feet clean. Her smile and the glint in her eyes told me that she was loving the control she had over me.

I was then ordered to lay on the floor and open my mouth wide. To my surprise (but delight) Mistress farted into my mouth and squeezed my balls. She stayed there long enough to ensure I had to breathe out through my nose, thereby getting the full scent and taste. This is exactly the kind of humiliation that I crave.

Mistress then sat on her toilet seat and told me to lay underneath it with my mouth open. She told me she was going to pee into my mouth and that I would be punished if there was any spillage. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t keep up with the deluge, and true to her word, Mistress punished me by strapping me to her bench and caning me. It hurt but I deserved it. And needed it.

After thanking Mistress for my punishment and guidance I was strapped the the cross. Mistress applied nipple clamps to my nipples and slowly increased the tension while giving me intense verbal humiliation, while ordering me to look directly into her beautiful eyes. She then attached the e-stim to my cock, slowly increasing the intensity while verbally humiliating me and I came to the most shuddering, explosive climax I’ve ever experienced.

Although the I’d paid for an hour, the session overran slightly, which impressed me. A Mistress who doesn’t keep a close eye on the clock is a rarity. Mistress Ella’s entire focus is on providing and enjoying the best possible experience. She achieves that in abundance.

Looking forward to my next visit very much!