A fantastic session

As soon as my slave arrived, he knew, who was in charge.
He knew he was here for his Mistress to use as she pleases.
On his knees, naked he was made to worship his Mistresses feet.
Kissing both feet, before being strapped to the St Andrews cross.
Staring into his eyes, he was made to repeat after his Mistress, that he was weak and here for his Mistress to entertain herself.
It took him a few attempts, to get it right but he knew, he had to.
I attached pegs to his nipples and balls to amuse myself, then squeezed them, I enjoy seeing the look of pain, across his face.
After I had amused myself for a while, I untied the restraints and forced him over my bench.
Laughing at him, as I told him what I was going to do do to him.
Starting off small I pushed a butt plug up his arse.
I worked my way up to pushing the anal stretcher up, allowing him to count how. many times it was inflated.
Next time it will be my fist up there.