A Great Session

As my client came through the door, I made him get down on his knees.
It was made very clear to him, I am in control, from the minute he steps in to the chambers.
I lead him up the stairs on all fours and instructed him to remove all of his clothing, before presenting himself to me, for inspection.
Through out his inspection, I reminded him that he was worthless and made him repeat it to me.
I lead him in to the punishment room and secured him to the spanking bench.
Through earlier discussions, I knew he wanted to be caned and in the past had only taken three very hard strokes.
Today he deserved to be punished, for his thoughts of masturbating without permission.
I warmed his butt cheeks, ready for his punishment, reminding him how he needed to be punished.
I made him count each stroke as I gradually made nice red welts across his cheeks.
He previously said he couldn’t sit down for a couple of days, when he was last punished.
I made it very clear, he wouldn’t be sitting down for a week and I would be giving a hard stroke for each day.
He actually took it better than expected, but I do know he won’t be sitting comfortably this week.