A session with a nervous newcomer

A new client booked for a session today. He was extremely nervous as I showed him around the multi roomed chambers.

We had a chat about his likes and dislikes, before I reminded him that I am in charge during the session.

He presented to me naked and on his knees. I gave him the once over before collaring him and leading him in to the play room.

After a light spanking, I attached him to the Saint Andrews Cross. Squeezing his nipples while I looked into his eyes, he was loving it. I soon got him into subspace.

I pegged his balls, maintaining eye contact to keep him in subspace, before flashing my white knickers at him.

After I secured him into the toilet box, I peed straight through my knickers into his mouth.

He will be back very soon, somewhat less nervous. We will take things further next time.