A session with a new client

A new client booking today, from earlier discussions, I know he is recovering from an injury.
I ordered him to present his self to me on his knees naked.
After an inspection, I discovered his little cock. It took a while to find.
I wrapped a collar around his neck and led him into the play room..
Worshipping Mistress was something he enjoyed, so after clamping his nipples and attaching the clamp to his balls, then covering them in pegs, he was ordered to worship Mistress from my feet, while I sat on my throne.
He was rewarded with my golden champagne.
I wanted to show hi.m what a cock should look like, so strapped him to the spanking bench.
I grabbed his hair and lifted his head before pushing my strap on onto his mouth and ordering him to suck.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him gag.
He loved having that cock in his mouth.
I lubed up his hole and let him know what it felt like to be fucked by a cock.
As a treat I ordered him to the fuck machine, he couldn’t get enough.