A Testimonial

I booked my first session with Mistress Ella and upon arrival the door opened and I was invited inside and as I stepped in I was graced by a very beautiful and very sexy lady dressed in a stunning outfit which instantly turned me on and immediately I knew I was certainly in for a good time.
I was then instructed to ascend the staircase and when we reached the top I dropped to my knees and presented Mistress with the tribute.
Mistress Ella then asked me how I would like the session to run as regards likes and dislikes and after a short discussion Mistress then instructed me to stand up and I was the taken on a tour around the building and shown various rooms which were all well equipped and I was very impressed indeed.
After the guided tour it was then time to get down to business and I was then told to strip and then drop down to my knees and await Mistress.
Moments later Mistress appeared in front of me donning the most sexy leather thigh high boots which I had requested and this had me turned on in a big way.
I surrendered myself to Mistress Ella and the session ran absolutely beautifully and we both had a fantastic time and it was an experience I will never forget and I will surely be back for more as Mistress Ella is just so addictive.
After the session Mistress kindly let me take a shower to freshen up and afterwards we chatted for a little while which was a nice touch as Mistress Ella is a very friendly lady and easy to make conversation with.
I can honestly say that after a session with Mistress Ella  I don’t think anybody would leave disappointed as Mistress Ella is very professional and talented in the art of domination.
I thank you once again Mistress for a very enjoyable experience and hope to see you again before long.