A Testimonial – the most amazing subspace

Mistress Ella displays the most amazing attention to detail. Our pre-session chats cover everything in detail.  She remembers everything.  Ever been for a session where the Mistress has forgotten much of what you previously discussed?  Not Mistress Ella.  Every session is perfect, yet each session is better than the last one.

This 2 hour session started with me strapped to the spanking bench and being very quickly encouraged into subspace using a braided flogger.  That has to rank as being one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever had.  I’ve never been so deeply into subspace. Mistress  Ella then moved onto a leather paddle, keeping me in the most amazing subspace I’ve ever had.  Then came the cane.  Until I met Mistress Ella, I was never a fan of the cane, but due to Mistress Ella’s care and expertise, I now love it, and can take it very hard, enjoying every stroke.

Still in subspace, Mistress Ella took me with her strapon, gently at first, using lots of lube, gradually delivering harder and faster thrusts and using the verbal humiliation that I love.

I was then removed from the bench and my wrists were attached to a pulley on the ceiling, holding my arms aloft. I was then whipped with a single tail whip on my chest, upper back and sides, making raised marks on my skin.  Being able to look into Mistress Ella’s beautiful brown eyes and admire her stunning beauty while she whipped me is one of my favourite experiences, definitely to be repeated as soon as possible.

Mistress Ella gave me a very nice reward before attaching electrics to my cock and bringing me to the most shuddering climax.

If you are going to spend your hard earned money having a session with a professional Mistress, you deserve the best. Thank you Mistress Ella for your care, attention to safety and the most wonderful session – until next time…