A Very Happy Ending

For me, the difference between good Mistresses and great Mistresses is that the latter have a thorough understanding of how to get me into subspace and keep me there. Mistress Ella’s ability to get me into subspace is the best I’ve ever experienced.

Mistress Ella hides her face on her website, which is a shame because she is absolutely beautiful. She also has a perfect Amazonian physique.

After our pre session chat, Mistress Ella made it crystal clear that although she would take account of my likes and limits, once the session started, she would be totally in control and that I had to obey without question. I love that Total Power Exchange with a Mistress who knows how to wield her power over me.

I was tied to the punishment bench and was given a gentle flogging with a soft flogger, moving on to a braided whip. Mistress Ella was talking to me, encouraging me into subspace. When I was fully into subspace, Mistress Ella caned me. I normally don’t like the cane too much, but Mistress Ella got me into subspace so deeply that I didn’t want it to stop. I loved every second of it.

I was then untied and attached to the St Andrews Cross. Mistress Ella tortured my nipples, cock and balls, once again starting gently and encouraging me into subspace. The almost constant eye contact and eerily whispered comments into my ear from Mistress Ella made this an awesome experience. Mistress Ella is a mindfuck and subspace expert par excellence.

Because I’d done so well, Mistress Ella allowed me some body worship, and it is clear that she really enjoys this with clean, respectful submissives.

Mistress Ella provides a luxury experience that, in my experience, few can match, but for a very reasonable tribute. She is also straightforward, honest and trustworthy. I am really looking forward to going back.