Fantastic session!

I let my slave in and ordered him to keep his eyes on the floor.
“Only look up when I allow you to”
I sat on my throne and ordered him to his knees, to worship my boots.
He loved allowing the stiletto to go to the back of his throat.
After a while, I led him into the play room.
He new what was coming once I’d attached him to my St Andrews Cross.
I squeezed his nipples as I whispered to him: “Take it!”
I attached pegs to his balls and nipple clamps to his balls.

After I had had my fun I strapped him to the bench before lubing him up.
I stood in front of a him and ordered him to suck my cock. He loved it, feeling my strap on go down his throat, he couldn’t get enough…
He was so excited at the thought of having my strap on inside him..
He loved every minute of being fucked.
I took him into the medical room, it was time to feel the electrics around his cock.
I could see he was worried, just by the look on his face, as I attached my e-stim to his cock.
I slowly turned it up just enough, each time. I wanted him to feel every bit of this….
After a short while, I could see he had relaxed and was enjoying it, just as I was about to go up the last notch, he started to beg “Please Mistress may I come?” He had the best climax he’d ever had.