Humiliation and Degradation Session

After a discussion as to how the session will go, I ordered him to undress, present him self to me on his knees.
The sight of him without clothes tickled me and I couldn’t help but laugh.
I led him in to the play room by his lead and hand cuffed his arms above him.
I told him, look into my eyes and repeat after me. “I’m a piece of shit” worried look in his eye, he repeated it.
I told him to repeat after me again “I’m a fucking piece of shit”, he repeated it, so I hit on his cock with my riding crop for swearing.
Again I said repeat after me, “I’m Mistress’s fuck slut”, he became very nervous not knowing what to say, so I hit his cock for trying to miss out the swearing.
I told him to now repeat what I had just said, I found it hilarious that he couldn’t finish one of the sentences.
I gave his cock another hit with the crop.
After a while of telling him how pathetic and useless he was, I fastened him to my inversion table.
I lowered him down backwards and stood over him, telling him he was only fit to worship my arse.
To suck my strap on also, he was in the perfect position to have my cock in his mouth.
I stood him upright but still restrained to the table, I wanted to show him how big the cock was that was going up his arse later. I pushed it in his mouth and said suck!
The next half a hour I spent teasing him and telling him how worthless he was.
I released him from my inversion and ordered him to his knees, I need somewhere to put my feet while I sit On my throne.
He is more useful as a foot stool.
I pointed towards the bench and told him to assume position.
Once strapped down I walked around to the front and pushed my cock In His mouth… “taste before you feel”.
I lubed up my cock and pushed it up him.. To my surprise it went in easily… I could tell… This fuck slut was used to bigger!
I got my my dildo out, lubed it up and pushed it in. Once in I told him I was going to give it ten pumps to inflate it and made him count every one of them.
He could feel that now, I deflated it and began to pump it again, just five pumps this time, as I released him from the bench.
I warned him if the dildo fell out he would be picking it up with his mouth. “now dance about with that up your arse I told him”.
I laughed as the dildo fell out, “pick it up”
He dropped to his knees and picked it up with his mouth. “now suck it” I told him.
While I laughed.