My New ‘Patient’

My patient arrived, for his medical. He was ordered to strip off his clothes for further inspection.
On inspection I could see that he was suffering from little dick syndrome.
I explained he would be having a full medical, in all holes.
I strapped him to the my inversion table and secured his hands.
I began to test his pain limits by pegging his nipple. That was pathetic.
So I moved on to the little stump between his legs.
Maybe it needed stretching, I put the smallest Sounds into the hole on his bell end .
This made it grow a little, so ii went up two more sizes.
This aroused it and it grew a little more.
I attached my electric sounds, as I went through every level, all of which he also enjoyed.
I laid him back, blindfolded and pushed my strap on into his mouth, struggling with it, I pushed it in further.
“OK, if you’re struggling with it in your mouth, then you can have it up your arse” I told him.
I secured him to the bench and lubed him up. I started off small, then worked him up two sizes.
Unable to take my strap on, I told him that he would need to drink some of my medicine, as I peed into his mouth.