My new slave in training

Dressed in patent PVC trousers and patent PVC stilettos, I opened the door to my new bogey eating sole licking slave.
He brought the list of items, he was told to bring, custard doughnuts, raisins, chewing gum, chocolate and stale bread.
I led him into the play room and stood him in front of the mirror.
I slowly took off his clothing, whilst staring into his eyes, I asked him if he wanted to please his mistress, he said he did.
I sat on my chair and show Mistress how much you want to please her, as I picked the bogeys out of my nose.
He got very excited at the sight of the bogey on my finger nail when I showed him first, before scraping the bogey on his tongue. I couldn’t stop laughing.
I did this a few more times until they were gone. Chew it I told him.
I had chewing gum stuck to the sole of my shoe. I said “you do want to please me don’t you”? Eagerly he said yes.
I told him to clean the sole of my shoes ,
I mean everything. He licked up and down the sole eating the chewing gum. I loved the fact I could make him do anything I wanted.
I stood up and bent over, I covered his mouth with my bum and farted into his Mouth, I told him not to move I wanted him to swallow it.
This amused me no end.
He said he would lick anything off my shoes, even if I had walked out side.
It could be arranged I told him.
I made him follow me out of the back door naked.
I walked up and down my balcony lifting up the sole of my foot before coming back in the door. Lick it I told him. He loved licking my soles clean.
I led him back into the play room. Laid on the floor I stood on his cock, while laughing sat him. I want your legs up against the wall in position to be able to catch your own spunk when you cum.
Before that I want you to open your mouth and drink my piss.
I crouched down and peed Into his mouth before making him catch his own spunk as it shot out.