Role Play Sessions

I excel at Role Play sessions. This is a wonderful example of a Role Play fantasy I was asked to actualise with a client recently.

His fantasy is that he dates women for sex, basically using them for sex. I found out about this so I wanted to turn the tables on him.

I told him he couldn’t masturbate or have sex for 2 weeks befre we met for our session, and that he had to shave all his pubic hair off. I wanted to emasculate him.

When he arrived I made him strip then restrained him to the bed in the medical room.  I told him that today he will be used for my pleasure. I blindfolded him, then inserted the electric sound into his cock. I tied up his full balls and tortured them with the pin wheel.  When I’d finished with the sounds I ran the pin wheel over his entire cock.

I took him into the play room and restrained him to the spanking bench. I inserted the vibrating butt plug, the whole time telling him I no know he uses women. Today he will know how that feels.