Slave Initiation – Part 1

As I placed a collar around his neck, I reminded my slave, this was the beginning of his initiation period.
I informed him that to learn how to Serve his Mistress, to the best of his ability, this Initiation would carry on over the next few weeks. I ordered him to his knees and instructed him to lick my boots.
As he put my stiletto in his mouth, I told him to stop and beg me to allow him to be my slave, while looking into my eyes.
He begged “Please Mistress, please allow me to serve you, please”
I told him to carry on licking my boots, I told him to clean the soles of my boots.
When he had licked the soles clean I made him stop and beg again.
I told him that he needed to learn how to suck cock, if he was going to be of any use to me.
I pointed towards my strap on and told him to put the tip in his mouth.
He was keen to please me, so I took my strap on our of his mouth and told him to beg me again.
I pushed my cock back into his mouth,
I loved the sound of him gagging as I pulled his head to wards me.
Suck it, like you want it, I said..
I could see just how much he enjoyed, sucking cock.
He couldn’t get enough of it…
I instructed him to follow me into the play room , where I stood in front of the full length mirror , with him on his knees.
I’m going to film you sucking cock I told him as I put a mask over his head.
He was more than happy to please Mistress.
As soon as the camera was recording, I ordered him to impress me… I told him, I would turn him into a cock sucking slave and use him in my sessions.
There was a lot of work to be done first,, I couldn’t present him to anyone, looking like he did.
I weighed him and gave him a target of 4lbs to lose in the first week.
We will see how dedicated you are, I said.
I wanted to see how far he was willing to go for his Mistress.
I told him I am going to dress you up as a slut and video you sucking my cock.
He was so desperate to be come my slave, I could of done anything to him.
I fastened the bra around him, pulled up the black nylon stockings. With lace knickers.
A black low cut, wet look dress. I filled the bra with padding.
I told him to try some shoes on, pulling on a blonde wig, before I allowed him to admire my handy work in the mirror.
I finished him off with bright red lipstick.
Stood in front of the full length mirror, he was speechless.
It was as though, he had finally found his calling and a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.
I allowed him to look at the cock sucker in front of him for a while, before asking him how he felt.
His reply just confirmed what I all ready new. “” this is me, he said, I feel like I’m in my right place, this is where I should be”
“I feel 20 years younger he said”
The next half an hour was spent filming him sucking cock and training him to walk in ladies shoes.
With permission he swapped the blonde wig to a brunette
He was definately a brunette.
Before he was allowed to go home, he had to tidy up the sissy room and hang up the clothes. Just when he thought he was finished I made a mess of the clothes as I needed to find stockings.
Start again I said.
He didn’t want to take the slut clothing off…
As the session came to an end, I gave him his tasks of purchasing some ladies clothing and shoes for his next session.