This blog post is for submissives who have never experienced the euphoria of subspace. Specifically, it is about the physical subspace that can occur during pain play. Perhaps you don’t even know what subspace is? There’s no shame in that, but let me assure you that you don’t know what you are missing; BDSM doesn’t have to be merely about pain and humiliation. The phenomenon of subspace is both achievable and highly desirable when enjoying BDSM practices as a submissive.

So what is subspace? And what causes it?

Although different people experience subspace in different ways, I can make some generalisations that will give you a good understanding of what subspace feels like, and hopefully tempt you to experience subspace with a Mistress who has a thorough comprehension of the subject of subspace.

Subspace is caused by the release of relatively high amounts of certain hormones such as endorphins, enkephalins and epinephrine during a session. This hormone release causes a morphine-like anaesthesia and a feeling of total relaxation and ecstasy. A good Domme knows how to cause the rapid and safe release of these hormones.

During subspace, the pain is – literally – anaesthetised. It doesn’t even feel like pain any more. It is pure euphoric pleasure. In that moment, everything ceases to exist apart from you and the Domme you are with. You are thinking of nothing and no one else. You are in a euphoric, trance-like condition; a divine, metaphysical experience. It is one of the best feelings ever.

Subspace – especially the deepest subspace – is so powerful and enjoyable that while you are in it, you will almost certainly stop using safewords because you won’t be feeling much pain and you may not be capable of making levelheaded judgements about your safety. It is therefore incumbent upon the Domme to take care of you and not overdo things and cause damage. This should not put you off allowing yourself to be put into subspace. Just choose your Domme carefully. There MUST be complete trust between the two of you.

After the session, when you have come out of subspace and all those extra hormones have been flushed from your brain, you might experience something called sub drop. I suppose you could liken it to mild withdrawal symptoms. Sub drop will affect different people differently. You might feel cold; tired; emotional; happy. Or you might not be affected at all. A good Domme will help you with the effects of sub drop. In any case, by being aware of the possibility of sub drop, it doesn’t have to massively negatively affect your post session moments.

Subspace is a wonderful, spellbinding, enchanting state of mind that vastly intensifies and increases the pleasure you get while in session. Try it and see just how amazing your sessions can be.