Tattooed with My stamp!

I ordered my client to present himself to me on his knees, only wearing the chastity device I ordered him to put on 2 days ago.
I opened the poppers and poured a good amount into the masks filter from this minute on there’s no talking, it will be complete silence, I put his ear plugs in and covered his ears with ear muffs.
I led him to the. Medical room and secured him to the bed, with his knees up, I needed to be able to get to his balls, as today he is going to have my mark on him forever.
I removed the mask and blindfolded him.
I gave him a refresher of poppers after I sterilised the area, I began nice and slow, I wanted him to feel every bit of my needle.
Every now and then topping up the poppers.
He was loving it, just as I got to the end of my stamp, his legs start to shake, he orgasmed one after the other.
I show him my stamp M. E,. He thanked me for owning him.
I give him some time to recover before strapping him to the bench and taking him with the strap on.