Before I session with a Mistress for the first time, I ask her how she gets clients into subspace, because I can only enjoy a session if I’m put (and kept) into subspace. When I rang Mistress Ella, she  left me in no doubt that she understands the concept of subspace and how to induce it, so I booked a session.

When Mistress Ella opened the door to her chambers, I was flabbergasted by how beautiful she is. She doesn’t show her face on her website, but don’t let that put you off. Apart from having a beautiful face, she has the most perfect figure I’ve ever seen. I actually gasped when I saw her.

Mistress Ella is really friendly and welcoming, and we had a nice pre session chat over a coffee. By the time we’d finished our chat, I was keen to start the session with Mistress Ella, because I just knew this was going to be a special session like no other. In fact it was even better than that.

Mistress Ella got me into subspace very quickly, using innovative techniques that I’ve never experienced before. She remembered even the minutiae of our pre session chat and ensured no stone was unturned. Every second of the session was crammed with passion and pleasure, right through to the end. Even the ‘happy ending’ had the wow factor, with Mistress Ella sitting on my mouth, tweaking my nipples while the e-stim worked its magic on my cock. Awesome!

A session with Mistress Ella is a truly luxury experience that I’ve never found anywhere else. I can’t wait to go back.