I met Mistress Ella in her pleasant, clean, and discrete Chambers. Parking outside is no problem. Chambers are discreet.

Mistress is a very intelligent lady who really seems to enjoy what she does, she was total in tune with the type of session I was after. Mistress Ella is stunning, she is a very attractive, sexy, confident lady and with a stunning figure and was dressed in a very sensual outfit.

I asked for a strict but nice Mistress, and that was exactly what I got, she was very perceptive and, while she was totally in control, she delivered just what I was after.

I was after a role play session, with the headmistress/ naughty pupil as I enjoy being spanked and with other such punishments, as mistress tells you, she cannot tailor the session to your requirements if you don’t tell her what type of session you are after.

I sent mistress a detailed and of course respectful e- mail requesting the type of session I was looking for, while, it is, of course, up to her if that is the type of thing she enjoys, the more information you send her about what you are after the better the session you will both have. We also had a chat before the session about how the session would progress and enter its final stages.

I won’t go into too much detail but I had an awesome session, helped by the fact mistress has a great sense of humour, I really enjoyed the role play and can defiantly state she can give the hardest and longest hand spanking I have ever received, some mistresses don’t like to spank hard or very long as it can be really hard work.

Mistress Ella does not let up once started. She also has a huge array of implements that she was very keen to use on me ,the large wooden paddle which seemed to be her favourite and really strong, just what I needed and was required.

I will defiantly visit mistress Ella again, and may even try the cane for the first time. I left mistresses chambers feeling very happy and of course very sore, I’m sure she will be pleased to know even after a week I still think of her every time I sit down.