I discovered Mistress Ella in 2019. Now Mistress Ella is my only Mistress I will session with.

I had been exploring the Hardsports world for some years, I more prefer the Hardsports world to that of BDSM.

I prefer the fetish side, rather than the dominatrix side, and after visiting different mistresses without really finding the right mistress for me, some of whom let me down on more than one occasion Hardsports wise, and promised me the world and never delivered (Hardsports wise), as you would say, from my very first Hardsports session with Mistress Ella, I knew it would be her. I had found my Hardsports fetish mistress.

We started out talking about past experiences, my preferences, and boundaries. The warm casual setting of her chambers and the genuine curiosity of Mistress Ella towards my likes and limitations made this surprisingly easy, despite an initial nervousness on my part.

Both then and in each subsequent Hardsports session, Mistress Ella has shown a keen interest in discovering what would make me tick Hardsports wise and exploring both known and new paths and constantly pushing my limits.

The time we have spent together, Mistress Ella now knows myself and my body well, but still each Hardsports session is different, surprising, and fresh. To session with Mistress Ella is to enter a space of unimaginable Hardsports intensity where only you, her and a multitude of sensations exist. I still have a lot to explore with her scenario wise and I look forward to every future session we will have together.

I am genuinely happy to have found her.