I pulled up and parked up in the ample parking space. I was nervous as i walked to the door and rang the bell. My heart was beating as i hear her foot steps coming down the stairs. The door opened and mistress stood there in all her glory. Lead me up stairs where she showed me round talking to me and asking questions to ensure the session went well. The tribute was paid and the session began at this point i felt relaxed as she tied me down and gave me a big sniff of poppers. The rush the silence then she began pushing the needles into my nipples one by one ensuring i was topped up with poppers through out i could tell she enjoyed it by her breathing. Mistress took her time listening to my moaning and breaths giving me a code word which was not used. This was a great session in which mistress pushed boundaries but did not go too far ensuring i had the experience i deserve. A very clean and fully equipped dungeon with so much more to explore. I have now started a journey with mistress and exploring new and wonderful kinks. Full recommend Mistress Ella May