Total Power Exchange

I secured my slave to the St Andrews Cross.
Staring into his eyes, I began to attach pegs, nipples first, then the balls.the more I felt him shaking the more, I liked it.
I whispered into his ear “take it, for your Mistress”.
He wanted to please me, so he took the pain.
After a while I attached him to my bench.
I had lined up the butt plugs in size order, so I let him have a look at what was about to come and fuck him.
One by one, I lubed them up and pushed them up his arse.
He loved every minute of it.
After the last one, I walked to the front of the bench and shoved the strap on I was wearing into his face. “suck it, before I fuck you.” I told him. He could not contain his excitement as he put it in his mouth.
I pushed my cock up his arse and pounded him, he was so excited.
I told him he was Mistresses little slut and the next time I see him he will be dressed as one also.