Learning to love the cane


I used to hate the cane, but Mistress Ella has expertly encouraged me to the point where I love it now. She did it by slowly, sensuously easing me into subspace, where pain and pleasure amalgamate to form a fusion of pure ecstasy.

Mistress Ella is an expert at reading your subliminal signs; your gasps, your movements etc. The unspoken things that let her know your exact feelings at any one time. Every stroke is aimed at giving you pleasure, starting with a hand spanking, moving on to a soft flogger and various other impact play instruments until she is completely sure you are ready for the cane. At that point, the cane holds no fear. You are so aroused and so into subspace that you know every stroke is going to be bliss. And indeed it is.

If you love being caned, Mistress Ella is an expert caner par excellence. If you fantasise about being caned but are nervous about it, then a visit to Mistress Ella in Huddersfield is a must. I used to hate being caned, but now, with Mistress Ella, I love it. So much so that I am looking forward to my next caning by Mistress Ella. So will you.