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Bi session 27th July

Huddersfield Mistress

Would you like to fuck My sissified male sub? I have a bi session available on July 27th at 2pm.

My normal rates are payable and a non refundable deposit is required. Contact Me for details.


A session with a nervous newcomer

A new client booked for a session today. He was extremely nervous as I showed him around the multi roomed chambers.

We had a chat about his likes and dislikes, before I reminded him that I am in charge during the session.

He presented to me naked and on his knees. I gave him the once over before collaring him and leading him in to the play room.

After a light spanking, I attached him to the Saint Andrews Cross. Squeezing his nipples while I looked into his eyes, he was loving it. I soon got him into subspace.

I pegged his balls, maintaining eye contact to keep him in subspace, before flashing my white knickers at him.

After I secured him into the toilet box, I peed straight through my knickers into his mouth.

He will be back very soon, somewhat less nervous. We will take things further next time.


My piss slut

I dressed my sissy up, ready to serve as my piss slut.
Red stockings, basque and brunette wig. Bright red lipstick.
I wrote piss slut across sissy’s forehead, as a reminder.
After entertaining me with a Sissy dance, it was time to put my. Sissy to work, I needed to pee.
First one was to drink. The second one I made sissy use as shampoo, without rinsing it out, that was something sissy would be going home with.
I had just been for a run so was still sweaty.
Sissy had to lick my armpits clean as well as my sweaty feet.
I made sissy get down on all fours then sit back onto the fuck machine, I kept speeding it up to watch sissy get a pounding.
I put the mask on my sissy and attached a bottle filled with my pee and forced sissy to drink up.
There was no allowing sissy to shower at the end, it would be my pee that would be smelt all the way home.


A session with a new client

A new client booking today, from earlier discussions, I know he is recovering from an injury.
I ordered him to present his self to me on his knees naked.
After an inspection, I discovered his little cock. It took a while to find.
I wrapped a collar around his neck and led him into the play room..
Worshipping Mistress was something he enjoyed, so after clamping his nipples and attaching the clamp to his balls, then covering them in pegs, he was ordered to worship Mistress from my feet, while I sat on my throne.
He was rewarded with my golden champagne.
I wanted to show hi.m what a cock should look like, so strapped him to the spanking bench.
I grabbed his hair and lifted his head before pushing my strap on onto his mouth and ordering him to suck.
I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him gag.
He loved having that cock in his mouth.
I lubed up his hole and let him know what it felt like to be fucked by a cock.
As a treat I ordered him to the fuck machine, he couldn’t get enough.


My Personal Cleaner

My personal cleaner requested an early morning appointment. I didn’t shower, I just got out of bed, dressed and jogged straight to the chambers.

I didn’t need to wash or shower, as he was going to clean me with his tongue.

I first put on his collar then made him start at my arm pits. It had taken me an hour to run to the chambers, so I was super sweaty. He licked every bit of sweat off my armpits. He then had to lick my sweaty feet. As treat I allowed him to have the contents of my nose.

After I peed all over him, I allowed him to clean me then watch as I shit. I made taste my fart, then clean my shitty arse


Role Play Sessions

I excel at Role Play sessions. This is a wonderful example of a Role Play fantasy I was asked to actualise with a client recently.

His fantasy is that he dates women for sex, basically using them for sex. I found out about this so I wanted to turn the tables on him.

I told him he couldn’t masturbate or have sex for 2 weeks befre we met for our session, and that he had to shave all his pubic hair off. I wanted to emasculate him.

When he arrived I made him strip then restrained him to the bed in the medical room.  I told him that today he will be used for my pleasure. I blindfolded him, then inserted the electric sound into his cock. I tied up his full balls and tortured them with the pin wheel.  When I’d finished with the sounds I ran the pin wheel over his entire cock.

I took him into the play room and restrained him to the spanking bench. I inserted the vibrating butt plug, the whole time telling him I no know he uses women. Today he will know how that feels.




Although most Mistresses don’t allow any kind of intimate body worship, I do, because I enjoy it, and let’s face it, you exist for my pleasure don’t you?

I allow bottom worship, rimming and pussy worship, provided you are scrupulously clean and highly respectful. Your tongue will be put to very good use. Body worship is not a right or a given. It is an honour and a privilege that I bestow upon those whose behaviour in session is beyond reproach.

Do you like humiliation and degradation? Lick my bottom while I squeeze your balls to make your tongue work harder.

I might let you worship my nipples while I torture yours. You’d like that wouldn’t you?

Imagine worshipping my divine pussy while my e-stim or my sharp fingernails bring you to a shuddering climax.

In session, I own you, and you will be put to good use.


Fantastic Role Play Session!

Huddersfield Mistress

What a fantastic 2 hour session that was! I was asked to role play the client’s wife and I’ve just found the phone numbers of several women on his phone.  I rang one of the women, who referred to herself as ‘Mistress’.  He refused to admit to seeing Mistresses, so I interrogated him by putting him inside the standing cage.  I tied his wrists and ankles to the cage and tortured him to extract a confession.

After I had extracted a confession, I punished him with the single tail whip, riding crop and enforced butt plug.

Having taken his punishment well, I rewarded him by allowing him to worship My delightful derriere.